Wednesday, 30 September 2015


My rediscovery of the month is probably my good old pair of leather loafer. 
Streetstyle icons wearing the more fashionable fury slipper version from Gucci 
as you may have seen on different fashion week streetstyle shots lately. 
Even if I like the fur slipper I would never buy it as it is of course extremely pricy and
 I always prefer a classic item to a trendy it-piece. 
I really enjoyed wearing my loafers at the moment - the perfect shoe for this season. 
Therefore I ´ve gathered a small selection of my current favourites for you. 
Not sure about the timelessness of the Mango slipper but
 definitely a cheaper alternative to the Gucci ones.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Andreea Diaconu by Benny Horne for Vogue Spain October Issue

I can´t explain it to myself but everything nature, outdoor or adventure related catches 
my attention at the moment. Same with this editorial amazingly captured by Benny Horne for Vogue Spain. 
One of my favourites Andreea Diaconu styled by Sara Fernandez fits exactly in the farm setting
 with her wild but natural look. I´m so looking forward to my own little adventour coming up soon. 
As I mentioned in a blogpost before I´d really enjoy going on a hiking trip in the Alps this Autumn and 
this exactly what I´m going to do in about 2 weeks. Exciting!!

Model Andreea Diaconu / Photographer Benny Horne / Styling Sara Fernandez / 
Hair James Rowe / Make-up Benjamin Puckey

Friday, 25 September 2015

Beauty Crush

Mauve lip colours are my latest beauty crush. 
I´m not that often obsessed by something beauty related but this lip colour totally got me. 
As you can see, Sam Rollinson is wearing such a shade in the picture. It looks quite natural but 
still a bit darker and healthier as her normal lip colour. I think it is jus
the perfect everyday shade for autumn time, which goes with anything and everything. 
If you haven´t got any lip product in this shade yet go and check it out,
 when you know what I mean. To make the choice easier for you, 
I´ve gathered my favourite high end and drug store products here: 

1. Astor Soft Sensation Lip Colour Butter Matte 027 Elegant Nude
Picture: Sam Rollinson by Alasdair McLellan via www.selfservicemagazine.com

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Day Crush

picture via www.pinterest.com

Silk scarves (aka foulards) enjoy big popularity lately, which I personally really appreciate. 
I love the french look it adds to every outfit. It´s a lovely small detail, which can make a big difference. 
The selection  at the moment is huge! I already picked one up for me, because I think 
that it is more than just a one season trend. A good silk scarf can last for years and 
especially in autumn time it´s a chic alternative to heavy wool scarves. 
There are tons of possibilities to use a silk scarf, either as a bag accessory or the conventional way.
I personally favour the way Stylist Chiara Totire wears it. 
Have you already picked one up?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hello Fall!

It´s this time of the year when days getting shorter again, leaves falling from the trees and 
you just want to grab a cozy blanket to cuddle up on your sofa - well hello fall! 
I just move on from my first flue this year and hopefully can start into a great fall season form now on.
I have always been a fall kid and really enjoy wrapping up in various layers of clothes, 
taking a long walk through the woods, coming home to cuddle up in a blanket with a candle lit and 
a hot cup of tea in my hand. It is not yet that cold outside but I can feel,
 that the summer is definitely gone for this year. 
So let´s move on making your home feel nice and cozy with these few fall essentials:

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

New in

I´m really happy to share my latest bargain with you as I am super excited about it. 
Over the past few years I´ve evovled into a big Isabel Marant lover.
 I think, all started with my year abroad in Paris and my love for the effortless
 french chic intensified ever since. The perfect flat brown ankle bootie was still missing 
in my collection and as I´m not the biggest fan of Acne Jensen Boots I was so happy,
 that Isabel Marant brought out my dream bootie called Patsha - 
brown suede leather, slim, low heel and not too pointy. 
I know, it´s ridiculous how excited I can be about some new shoes but 
I know that I´ll enjoy them for a very long time.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Carmen Kass by Sascha Oda for Cover Magazine

I discovered this editorial, photographed by Sascha Oda featuring a
 super natural Carmen Kass, the other day and could not get it out of my mind. 
I think it is more like a portrait of Carmen Kass with the nice fact 
that she is wearing Céline from head to toe in all images.
The last picture is definitely a favourite!

Friday, 18 September 2015

What I would like wearing today

As I promised earlier this week the quietness on the blog has come to an end, finally.
 I´m really sorry for it but the past week was just crazy! To cut a long story short 
here I go with an obviously Autumn inspired look for grey and rainy days. 
The checked shirt and those Chelsea boots (both Cos, of course) are on the top of my wishlist at the moment. 
I can literally see myself wearing this exact outfit composed with pieces I already have in my wardrobe. 
Only a classic checked shirt and the perfect Chelsea boots are missing in my collection. 
Still a huge favourite of mine is the A.P.C. halfmoon bag because of its classic but unique design, 
which would last in my wardrobe for ages. Just a fun thing I´d like to try is the Byredo hair perfume in the scent Blanche. 
 I can really good imagine how practical it can be when you haven´t got enough time 
to take a shower in the morning but still want to leave the house like your hair was recently washed. 
For me a great alternative to conventional eau de perfumes as I spray them in my hair anyway. 
The combination reminds me a bit on taking a trip to a horse ranch for a relaxing ride through the woods, 
which I honestly would love to do again as I haven´t done this since I was a teenager. 
Of course I didn´t looked as cool as I´d do with this outfit but great memories though! 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Sorry for the unscheduled break here on the blog but there were a few
 unexpected things coming up the last few days and in consequence
 I wasn´t able to prepare anything for you. 
I think that will soon change and you will be able to read some new articles 
within the next few days, I promise! 
Until then you have to put up with lovely Andreea Diaconu, 
which looks absolutely pretty with this little hat!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

What´s on my wall?

If you´re following for quite some time you may have noticed the
 transformation from a pale white wall to this. I guess this is not the final result yet. 
 As I always wanted a wall full of frames and different pieces
 of art I´ve steadily selected pictures I liked. As far as I had a first base to work with
I´ve started to arrange the pictures on the floor. That took about 2 days. 
To be really convinced of my constellation I´ve left this arrangement on my floor for 
2 more days and started only then adding the pictures on my wall.
 That sounds maybe a little bit excessive for some of you but I know myself and
 I get quickly bored of something. By having the chance to add a lot more pieces
 I´m confident that it´s different this time. Fingers crossed! 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Lookbook Love

When my favourite highstreet brand for years comes up with a new season lookbook 
I´m most probably intensely enchanted by it. This has also happened this time. 
Cos is such a brand you can always rely on when it comes to aesthetic from every point of view. 
The combination of beautifully draped garments in a breathtaking ice desert landscape 
satisfies again my visual demand to the highest degree. 
I hope you think so too!
You can already find the first Autumn/Winter arrivals online on www.cosstores.com

Friday, 4 September 2015

Wishful Thinking

mountain view picture via www.tumblr.com

I hope you does not mind when I´m saying that I´m quite happy about 
the falling temperatures and the related change to an automnal wardrobe. Autumn is just my season!
 I just thought about how great it would be to plan a trip to the alps this Autumn. 
Any tips where it is exceedingly calm and beautiful? I can already imagine myself climbing around
 that breathtaking piece of nature wrapped up in different layers of knit and casual denim. 
In my mind I´d combine this suede Gucci loafers and a crossbody saddlebag, 
probably not the best idea, but in my mind it works. In real I´d most probably wear 
absolutely unstylish functional wear and mountaineering boots - 
but who cares when you get such an amazing view at the end of the day.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

New on my Beauty Shelf

I´ve updated my beauty shelf a bit over the past few months and I won´t miss 
any of my new items in my routine anymore. Let´s start talking about my new Conditioner from Korres,
 a brand which I really appreciate lately. Their hair products in general are free from any 
parabens and silicons and over 90 percent made from natural ingredients. 
I use it combined with my Less is more Shampoo and my hair rarely felt smoother and healthier 
after using silicon free products. To give them an extra boost of shine I´m using the Davines Hair Oil, 
which only contains a tiny bit of breathable silicons I can live with, as I´m using it not after evey hair wash.
On the face cleanser front I´ve discovered the Cream Cleanser by the Australian natural skincare brand Sukin, 
When using it my skin feels immediately relaxed and gently purified from make-up and surface grim
 while my skin gets nourished with oils of rose hip, avocado and wheat germ. The aroma therapeutic scent
 is just another plus. My last new achievement is actually one of Nars´ Matte Eyeshadows 
but as I rarely use eyeshadows for my everyday make up look, 
I prefer applying it on my cheeks for an automnal touch of colour. 
If you want to learn more about every single product or brand I´ve linked them all down below.
I realize that I start to enjoy beauty stuff more and more. Any tips from your part? 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sam Rollinson by Christian MacDonald for WSJ September 2015

I discovered this editorial the other day and could almost see myself walking along 
this sea front and feel the cold breeze in my hair.
 I really like the perspective Christian MacDonald captured Sam Rollinson and the story 
of going for a casual autumn walk on the beach on a sunny afternoon wrapped in 
chunky knits and cozy coats and capes still looking extremely effortless.
This pictures make me even more looking forward to a great autumn season and the cozy knits in my wardrobe. 

Model Sam Rollinson / Photograper Christian MacDonald / Styling Veronique Didry / 
Hair James Rowe / Make-up Petros Petrohilos