Monday, 31 March 2014

I-D Cover LOVE

I´m so in love with this I-D Cover featuring Daria Werbowy.
I ran around to get one of this great issue and finally got it. Yay!
My all day long weekend activity.

How to wear Trenchcoat: Parisian chic

Berlin´s weather was on its best behaviour this weekend and rewards us with a lot of sun and warm temperatures.
Time to spring my new Trench and show up the world. It´s my first Trenchcoat and I need some exercises in combining it.
Therefore I´ve strolled through the web and pick out my favorite looks in combination with my new Trench.
The first look is quite classy but I think it´s the easiest way to wear it because the Trench itself is such a classic piece.
Boyfriend jeans, striped tee and boyish shoes giving a bit of a Parisian feeling, particularly pimped with a red lipstick.
A piece of jewelery brings along a feminine touch and the grey silk scarf is just another pretty detail.
That was almost the outfit I wore on the weekend, when me and my Trenchcoat had the first possibility
to get to know each other and it wa a great beginning, I think.

Trench Zara / Jeans Weekday / Tshirt Cos / Shoes Cos / Bracelet / Ina Beissner / Scarf Cos

Friday, 28 March 2014

Weekend calling!

Enjoy your friday with this great mood of Caroline de Maigret.
I love this sun-kissed shot of her and go into my weekend with it.
I really need some time off from this week, which was really busy.
Preferably I would take my boyfriend and relax into a spa.
What a great idea...

With these words I wish you a pleasant weekend.

source: http://opaqueglitter.com/post/80612120987/caroline-de-maigret-for-zine-n-2-photographed-by

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Iselin Steiro editorial again

pictures via http://thewall.elin-kling.com/2014/03/18/the-tobacco-coat/#more-26795

It´s all about Iseline on the blog. The face of the Norwegian model you might know from the great Cover editorial
I just shared a few days ago. This time she was photographed by Zoe Ghertner and
equally beautiful like in the last story.
I like the styling and her expression, really mysterious, maybe vulnerable but still strong.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Wish I was wearing

Sometimes I´m in the mood for casual wear consisting of denim and knits and
sometimes I´m more up to an elegant style,
it´s always changing depending on how I feel. This week I´m in the mood for a good balance of both,
more elegant with tailored trousers and blazer,
kind of really classy with a simple white tee and a sporty touch of white sneakers. 
I love the anchor details in Acne´s Spring/Summer collection and even more when it is combined together.
The arty rings are perfect for a pretty break and less of jewelery is my favorite way to wear it.
Really the perfect look for today, in my view.

Blazer Acne/ Trousers Cos / Sneakers Acne / Rings Cos / Tee Cos

Monday, 24 March 2014

H&M Conscious

pictures via carolinesmode.com

During my school time I was a big fan of the Swedish fashion brand H&M, which was maybe down to the fact,
that in my home town H&M was the only store which offered lot of fashionable young fashion to good prices for a pupil,
but with my advancing age my style changed a bit and my demands grew up. 
H&M faded into the background and their associated company Cos came into my field of interest. 
All the more surprisingly, the latest collction from H&M Conscious Line, which really let my heart beats faster.
Beautiful pieces with liability to high fashion design. You can see the higher quality and great cuts.
H&M has chosen the pretty Andreea Diaconu for this campaign and made a really good choice,
also with the industry setting, which gives the whole a rougher and
more serious mood off from commercial high fashion campaigns.

Bling Bling treat

These bling bling details by Christian Dior Fall collection bringing the right treat for a Monday and
arousing more and more my Spring-feeling!


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Weekend Inspiration

I´ll hope you share my passion for interior in the same way as I do.
For last few months I´m so into that theme because of my wish to move to another apartment,
that´s why I select all these interior inspirations.
I discovered this great picture and thought it would be the right one for my weekend´s inspiration.
I would love to own such an amazing light and also in combination with this sofa it looks perfect together!

source: http://plastolux.tumblr.com/post/78548794288/an-interior-decorators-home-by-coffeeklatch

Céline campaign

Again and again an inspiration worth.
Yes Céline knows how to produce a good campaign.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Wearing hat

Hats - one of the coolest accessories, I spotted during Fashion Week. 
It´s not a really new discovery but there are still less of girls who wearing hats in everyday life, me included. 
I love the looks of these girls above and the hat is the common detail, which makes a round thing of all these looks.
It would be a pleasure to see more hats this summer. It´s such an easy way to dress up but it´s not that easy to find the perfect one, 
I know this.  I´m still searching for the perfect shape for my head
but when I look at the pictures above I notice I must hurry up.
Jeans, sweater, boyish shoes and hat - the perfect look for spring time!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Guinevere Van Seenus for Muse Spring 2014

I love this styling of model Guinevere Van Seenus in the latest editorial for Muse Magazine. 
It´s simple but simply beautiful! 
The bluish black and white shots work great in combination with the mood of the photographies.
Such sensual pictures! I´m in love.

Photographer Zoe Ghertner / Model Guinevere Van Seenus / Hair Dennis Gots /
Make-up Fara Homidi for Muse Magazine

Interior Love: The Persian Carpet

I discovered my love for Persian carpets a few weeks ago and searching now for a perfect and affordable one.
Ikea is always my first starting point when it comes to interior questions and I don´t want spend too much money.
And also this time the big Swede keeps ready some lovely models of Persian carpets. 
I think it´s a great completion to a quite clean and simple interior style and makes it a little bit more homely.
I definitely need such an exotic companion for my apartment!
The carpets above all available now on www.ikea.com.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The striped shirt

What we saw last season on the runways is now available in shops.
Alexander Wang showed the classic striped shirt unbuttoned from the bottom and in a kind of pyjama look.
I loved this interpretation of this classic piece and need to try this look in everyday life.
I found a nice selection of striped blouses, which are in online shops now.
Every piece for itself has something really special and I would love to own every single one.
The details make the difference!

From top left corner to bottom right corner:

Monday, 17 March 2014

Today´s Muse: Mariacarla Boscono

Mariacarla Boscono was an often-seen face on this season´s runways and I asked myself: 
who is this girl with this unique face?
She is not the classic beauty in the proper sense. There is something really unusual on her.
The Italian Model is modelling just for some years now but booked for big campaigns for Givenchy,
Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Alberta Ferretti and more.
Her walk on the runway is her trademark and not less her eyes like a deer.
Such an exceptional beauty!

Photography Mario Sorrenti / Hair Luigi Murenu / Model Mariacarla Boscono for Self Service N°27

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Short Hair

While strolling through my tumblr I discovered these beautiful pictures of these strong women
Freja Beha Erichsen, Sam Rollinson, Eddie Campell and Saskia de Brauw,
all of whom wearing short hair and look so feminine with it. I know by experience that
I´m not looking quite good with short hair do but I feel so inspired by these pictures. 


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Day Crush: Céline Footwear

pictures via emzgalz.blogspot.de

Aren´t these shoes real masterpieces? 
Pheobe Philo shouldn´t be named just Designer but rather Artist. 
With her highly distinctive sense for aesthetics and trends she knows what women want.
I don´t like it to wear striking shoes but these art pieces maintain the balance between a simple elegance and
 an exceptional uniqueness. I would go for the silver-globe-heel.
Which is your favorite one?

Editorial: Iselin Steiro for Danish Cover Magazine

I like fashion photographies, which are showing this kind of aesthetic nudity like in this editorial for Danish Cover issue.
It´s not all about it and that is what I like a relaxed handling with nakedness in correspondence with fashion.
And I like the stylings in the same way as the more undressed shots.
And honestly, her body is amazing.
Cover Magazine made a really good job; thank for this great inspiration.

Photographer Hasse Nielsen / Model Iselin Steiro / Styling Emelie Johansson

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Curly Hair

picture via thefashionography.com

I never was a big fan of curls. I have lived the experience that I always wanted what I can not have.
When I was a little girl I had really straight hair, after deciding I would need a short bob,
I wanted to have long hair again and voilà I had natural waves in my hair and I hated it.
Luckily, the industry developed a machine called hair straightener and my problem was solved for the moment.
And now, as I get older I slowly take pleasure in curls.
I´m not sure if I´ll look good with such a curly had but I love this look of Sigrid Agren
in this editorial for the latest Rika Magazine!

 Photographer Horst Diekgerdes / Model Sigrid Agren for Rika Magazine issue 10 / Styling Anna Schiffel

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

75 Parisiennes

pictures by Florian Wenningkamp

For me as an interior freak it was a happy day when I discovered this new book full of inspirations;
and when Paris is also involved in this project; it´s obvious: I must have it.
The picture book shows the interior of small and lovely apartments of 75 Parisian woman
captured by French photographer Baudouin
It is not easy to find an apartment in Paris, even less easy to find an affordable Parisian apartment.
 To use the limited space in such an one-room-apartment is a highly skill; 
the best ones have the pleasure to be part of this book.
And hence, my wanderlust is even more aroused by seeing this.

75 Parisiennes by Baudouin, Snoeck Publishers, October 2012, French, 37,95 Euro

Monday, 10 March 2014

Stan Smith Special Edition

pictures via andreapetrea.anywho.dk

Stan Smith´s are the fashion sneakers at the moment! Look at the biggest bloggers and
you will discover Stan Smith´s on their feet. I think, when every person waers the same shoe
it doesn´t need a long time until it palls.
That´s why I decided myself against these sneakers, till now!
Since I discovered this new version of Stan Smith´s I´m toying with the idea of buying them.
The woven string detail on the side is so cute but modest. It gives something special to the shoe without making to much.
I love sneakers and I love clean designs, I don´t like colourful sneakers but still searching something
more special as my usual ones in simple black, white and grey.
The edition was launched on saturday, so should I? 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Weekend Inspiration

I love this leasure-oversize look of Mary-Kate and Ashleys Olson.
They were and always will be a source of inspiration for me. As I was a little girl I loved to watch their movies and
I thought that was really influenceable to me.
Still love to search for new Streetstyle pics of both.

source: http://beingblackster.tumblr.com/post/76566685827

Friday, 7 March 2014

Paris Streetstyles

pictures via aloveisblind.com
Photography by Sandra Semburg

O lovely Paris, I miss you more and more but in summer there gonna be a reunion.
Paris is the most classic city concerning Streetstyles I think.
The defilé is a elegant occasion and the guests know how to dress up accordingly for such a special event.
I like that because it is what it is, a special event for the most fashionable people.
I selected for you my favorite looks photographed by Sandra Semburg, who really has an eye for good stylings.
Never to forget Veronica Heilbrunner, best dressed german girl I´ve ever seen. 
Ursina Gysi, best dressed parisian girl I´´ve ever seen and two other fantastic looks of two beautiful women.
Love this effortless elegance which is around Paris.

Backstage Christophe Lamaire

pictures via selfservicemagazine.com
Photography by Mara Corsino

Paris Fashion week already finished Wednesday but it´s never too late to show you the highlights
of the parisian fashion circus. Last year I was able to be part of it and it was such an exciting experience.
This year I´ve thoroughly followed from home and that is also okay.
I will start with some backstage impressions of Christophe Lamaire.
I love his modest french designs and effortlessness.
Great colours, great cuts and great details!