Sunday, 30 June 2013

Outfit Option: Shorts

Summer without shorts is unimaginable therefore here my Outfit Option for the grungy way to wear shorts with a Leather jacket, really simple but efficient when it´s a summer like this and you never know how the weather turns.

Shorts & Shirt - Cos
Sandals - Zara
Backpack - Fjallraven Kanken
Leather Jacket - H&M

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Feel inspired on saturdays like this by these 90´ies vibes.
Absolutely wearable and I still like wearing tees under a strappy top, socks in sandals and this significant dark eye brows.

source: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lp1whhED901qf4mepo1_1280.jpg

Friday, 28 June 2013

Outfit Option: On a journey

If I had the free choice what to wear on a roadtrip, I definitely go for this Outfit.
Casual, comfortable, stylish. 
These are the attributes a travel Outfit must have. 
The pastel pink bag and bracelet fro Cos giving the rather dark Outfit an exciting touch and shows the mood of holiday. Sunnies (Acne), Hat (H&M Man) and cozy sandals from Vagabond let all the people suspect that it is holiday time!
Shirt and Wide-leg pants from Cos.
When you read this, I´m already on the way sitting in my car with a good thrill of anticipation.
I prepared some great posts for this time of my absence for you guys and in one week I´m back with a lot of interesting news from my Copenhagen trip!

Editorial: Beach Time

Yes! It goes on the beach.
I´m totally in the mood of holiday; today we start towards Denmark.
I know, that won´t look like in the pictures above but that doesn´t matter. The main point is to relax on the quiet beach, the sound of the waves and the salty sea scent. 
For all of you, who going to a hot beach this summer; some very nice beach Look inspirations.
Sporty and elegant and of course not sweaty, that is how I want to look like at the beach.
The body of Model  Ioanna Ntenti would also be a nice accessory I would´nt mind but not necessary to be
a perfect beach mermaid. 

Photographer: Hilary Walsh
Stylist: Virginie Dhello
Hair: Tony Chavez
Make-up: Gloria Noto

source: http://www.fashioneditorials.com/la-cruiser-ioanna-ntenti-madame-air-france-junejuly-2013-hilary-walsh/

Thursday, 27 June 2013

 Caps for Women
At the beginning I was really skeptical with Caps for women.
I always liked it when I saw some beautiful girls on the street, long hair and a cool cap on but
I never thought about wearing one. 
Then, I saw this burgundy fake-leather cap in the H&M Winter Sale and I couldn´t resist to buy them; never wore them, till now. And I must admit, I liked it. 
I tried also some floral versions during my small shopping trip on the weekend.
H&M has a really nice floral cap in their mens collection, not to find online till now but I collected some nice models from the best brands for you.
From the upper left-hand corner to the lower right-hand corner:

Asos Leather Cap
Surpreme floral Cap
American Apparel Leaf Cap
Huf red flower Cap
Skulls Flamingo Cap
Huf Caribbean Cap

A nice variation to the good old sunnies but just as useful and stylish to protect our eyes against the sun.

Travel Essentials
Friday it´s ready at last - Vacation Time.
We start to Hørve, New Zealand in Denmark and after 3 days of relaxing on the beach we go on to levely Copenhagen. I´m so excited that I already started to pack my favorite things together.
These things are truly essential for me; here my list:

Zara Sandals
Cos Summer Coat
Cos Shorts
Transparency Clutch
Baby blue Nail lacquer
Braun Hair straightener
Fjall Raven Kanken Backpack
Copenhagen City Map
Cos Silver Cut-out Ring
Nectarine for a vitamin boost on the roadtrip.

What is your holiday destination this year? 
If there are any recommendations what to see or do in Copenhagen, I would be really thankful.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Flea Market Treasures 
Last weekend I visited for a change a stranger Flea Market in Berlin, Friedrichshain and I wasn´t dashed
by the variety of nice offers. 
These two bowls are exactly that what I searched for and a real snap for just 5€.
They look so spiritual and magic!

Bassike Resort Collection 2013/14
I can´t imagine a better colour for this summer than all-over white.
The second Look is my absolute favorite, would like to wear it today.
So simple and clean and I really like the perfect casual cut.

source: http://blog.adelie.dk/white-out/

Monday, 24 June 2013


A variety of inspirational pictures.

source: http://visualoptimism.blogspot.de/2013/06/disco-tech-wylie-hays-by-david-schulze.html

 Sunday Outfit

Yesterday I wore my new Cos summer coat for the first time.
My whole Outfit consisting of Cos pieces; I know that seems boring for some of you but that´s so exciting what you can combine with all the pieces. They are so simple that they fit in every possible combination and that´s
what is important for me when I buy things.
We discovered the pineapple on a typical Saturday Market in Berlin just for 1€ and it smells so sweet and delicious!
Hope you like it.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fashion Photography with another aesthetic 

Charlie Engman is the creator of this unconventional Fashion photographies.
The studied Japanologist from Chicago decided consciously in 2008 for the photography and took her inspiration from a break, origami and money. A weird combination but just as special as her pictures.
The expressive way to reveal imagery and the disconcerting style to set new aesthetic standards is her ability that makes her unmistakable. Urban Outfitters realize her talent and booked her for their new Lookbook.
I like the strange atmosphere her pictures transferring to the viewers. I hope to see more of her work!

source: http://www.kalinkakalinka.de/2013/06/17/trennung-origami-und-geld-beeinflussen-die-bilder-von-der-fotografin-charlie-engman/

   Anna von Rüden for Cos  

Doesn´t she look amazing in this white and nude shades Cos presenting in their current Collection.
Anna von Rüden Berlin-based teacher and model, 61-years old was photographed by Anuschka Blommers & Niels Schumm. I like the simplicity and relaxed presence experienced humans exuding in pictures.
Really nice photo series.

source: http://www.cosstores.com/Magazine/SS13/To_Model

Friday, 21 June 2013

 Todays Outfit
Fortunately, the temperatures drop a little bit down and I can enjoy the sun without almost burning in the bright sun. I´m so happy with my Sale findings, wearing my Cos Jumpsuit and Zara sandals (not on Sale).
Nice start in the weekend for all of you guys!

Editorial: Costume Magazine

Bisou.dk has been relaunched and welcomes two new blog networks Nouvelle & Into the Shades.
On the platform of blogger Nouvelle I discovered this Editorial styled by her for the Costume Magazine.
I love her simple clean way to style model Louise P; she looks simply beautiful.

Stylist Maiken Winther Photographer Anya Poulsen / Filter Hair Marianne Jensen Makeup Anne Staunsager / Unique

source: http://nouvelle.dk

Thursday, 20 June 2013

New in: Cos, Zara
I made some Sale shopping at Cos and finally decided for my new summer sandals!
Zara made it and I´m really satisfied with my choice. Cos had a very cool short wool jumper, a simple silk top and a sweater for the colder evenings on the sea and I also received my package from my Cos online order with my grey boyfriend blazer, which is not on the picture.
I´m so excited, just one week left till we start in our summer vacation to Denmark !