Monday, 31 August 2015

Hair Inspiration

picture via www.style.com

Every year, when Summer slowly comes to an end and Autumn is just around the corner,
 my thoughts begin to run around this crazy idea to get a fringe hairdo.
 I guess, this is such a typical girl thing or is it just me, who gets this desire for innovation 
just in time of season change? Maybe I´m this time brave enough to put this idea in my head into action.
 I´m thrilled by this seventies fringe hairdo of Antonia Petkovic and 
could definitely imagine myself rocking this look. Do or don´t?

Thursday, 27 August 2015

What I would like wearing today

As I was looking at the newest Spring Summer collection of Filippa K yesterday 
this brown leather dream from last seasons presentation came suddenly 
back into my mind and stays there ever since. Therefore I decided to create a full look 
out of this piece to bring the outfit ideas in my head on paper, or rather on screen.
 I could not do otherwise and created a classic, obviously seventies inspired look mixing brown and 
blue shades with silver hardware. The a-line skirt is key piece of the look and as it´s made of real lamb nappa 
it is understandably not really a bargain buy. But if you´re lucky enough to live in Sweden, 
close to Stockholm or Uppsala, you can benefit from Filippa K´s latest lease project, 
where you can rent pieces of the current collection for 20 percent of retail price for 4 days lease. 
A great project to encourage a more sustainable fashion consumption in times of mass production and fast fashion. 
I´d definitely make use of this possibility when it is going to be in Berlin anytime soon. 
What about you? 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Filippa K Spring 2016

pictures via www.style.com

Yesterday, Filippa K presented its newest designs for Spring 2016 within Stockholm Fashionweek. 
Known for its Scandinavian Minimalism this collection is the embodiment of scandi minimalism
 complemented by a slight seventies impact. The focus is set once again on high quality basics 
which outlast more than one season, this season even more than before, I think. 
But I can´t say something against this tendency. I always love a good quality basic. 
The camel suede chelsea bootie has particularly done it to me. It´s exactly what I was looking for. 
The colour palette is also reduced to a monochrome range of navy blue, powdery cream shades, 
black and white and some rather trendy khaki green and brick red highights. 
Even if it´s nothing groundbreaking I love what I see and it´s always important
 to back the right horse when it comes to classics.
 Explore the whole Spring 2016 collection here and pick your fav´s.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Daria Werbowy by Mikael Jansson for Porter Magazine Fall 2015

pictures via www.wearesodroee.com

Let´s get a new week started with this extremely hot (or is it just me who thinks so) editorial 
published in the latest issue of Porter Magazine. I knew that Daria Werbowy is a stunner but 
this pictures prove it once again. Captured by Mikael Jansson Daria is posing in typical  male profession
 situations and looks like a strong woman who is definitely able to cope with anything and anyone. 
It´s not just a beautiful outside, I think it is really inside her and probably in everybody of us. 
That is a great massage to start into a new week. So here we go!

Photographer Mikael Jansson / Model Daria Werbowy / Styling Alex White / 
Hair Anthony Turner / Make-up Mark Carrasquillo

Friday, 21 August 2015

New in: Holiday Edition

When in holiday, of course, I also have to discover the small boutiques and shops of the city. 
For me, that´s part of a good city trip and I simply love to bring souvenirs and 
stuff with me at home that remind me on this trip whenever wearing or seeing them. 
Alongside cheese and a small clog key pendant I´ve brought these few pieces with me from Amsterdam. 

Anna + Nina Smile Bracelet / Étoile Isabel Marant Canvas Clutch (Sale)

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Perfect Pair

I´m so sorry for this autumnally content yet in the mid of August but 
I have always been an autumn girl and the new arrivals are just too pretty to resist. 
I mean this knitted merino dress can also be worn on colder summer days 
without tights but therefore with those perfect suede camel boots. 
For Autumn you just need to add tights and a warm coat and
 lo and behold a perfet pair for Summer and Autumn time.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Home Inspiration: Hanging Plants

pictures via www.pinterest.com

I´m back on track! 
After a fantastic week of holiday the start into a new work week was even harder, you know? 
That is also the reason for the quietness on the blog but now I´m fully recovered and 
back with loads of inspirations to share. One of these inspirations are these hanging plant pots, 
which crossing my way almost every day either in form of Instagram pictures, 
nice furnished coffees or shops. I can´t get them out of my mind and I don´t want it to be honest. 
Instead I´m constantly looking for the perfect pot for my home and the assortment is huge.
I´ve gathered my favourite pots for you and try to figure out which I should go for 
or instead do it yourself with one of the numerous pinterest tutorials?

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Chloé Fall 2015

pictures via www.chloe.com

While I´m exploring the best spots of Amsterdam I wanted to share 
the pretty new Chloé lookbook with you. The reunited Chloé girls Anja Rubik and Julia Stegner
 amble along the iconic Luxembourg Garden in Paris draped in the upcoming Fall Winter garments
 looking really familiar with each other. The campaign celebrates
 lifelong friendship and the independency of women.
A great message and equally fantastic designs when you ask me.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Flight Essentials

 Currently, I´m probably on my way to the airport or already on the plane towards Amsterdam. 
I´m not a really frequent flyer and it´s always a challenge to get 
all my stuff packed in small space, expecially hand luggage takes up a lot of time. 
I´ve gathered a list of things which I´m going to take with me besides the obvious holiday stuff. 
A cozy outfit is another important essential on a flight and need to be well-considered as well. 
If there is something missing it´s propably too late but 
Amsterdam, here I come, with or without anything I need.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Holiday Preps

It feels so blooming amazing to know that there is one full week of holiday coming up. 
My holiday destination this year is Amsterdam, where I´ve never been before. 
In conrast to probably every other person I´m not drawn into the south. 
In summer I prefer to stay in known climatic conditions as my body doesn´t
 like this super hot high summer temperatures. Another reason I´ve chosen Amsterdam
 is the immediate proximity to the sea, which is an absolute holiday must see.
I have to go on packing now. Tomorrow is the big day and I´m already excited, as you may noticed!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Weekend Inspiration

As laying by the pool today I came across a really interesting article about boredom in German Vogue. 
The quintessence of the article of Rita Kohlmaier was, doing nothing actually encourages 
creativity and achieves a mental balance of body and soul. 
The research confirms, doing nothing is one of the most important activities in life. 
so that learned and experienced can be linked in the human brain.
 I took this advice to heart and let my thoughts run free on this beautiful Sunday.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Zara Autumn Winter 2015

pictures via www.zara.com

Zara has launched its new season lookbook and arouses once again big big love on my part.
The 70ies vibe is not only omnipresent garment-wise in the upcoming collection, 
also the Autumn Winter lookbook is obviously 70ies inspired and provides us to dive into this past decade.
I must admit, the story already got me with all its sunset romance and late summer flair. 
I hope the garments can satisfy the same way.
First Autumn Winter pieces are available in stores and on www.zara.com.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Basket Parade

Not only us humans like to assemble in groups, 
our decoration items like to come in groups as well. The more diverse the better. 
The picture above proves how easy it is to create a pretty arrangement
 out of simple straw baskets. You can find a great selection 
of basket on www.ebay.com or www.etsy.com or on the market just around the corner.

Monday, 3 August 2015

New Season Arrivals

How time flies! It´s already August, the summer wasn´t really summery yet and 
sale season is almost over. The good thing is that means we can expect loads 
of new season arrivals from now on. My first browse reveals a promising selection
 full of neutral classics with a touch of retro chic.

Currently on my mind: