Friday, 28 February 2014

Day crush: Caroline de Maigret

picture via http://carolinedemaigret.tumblr.com/post/77399420565

Caroline de Maigret is, for me, the embodiment of a parisian lady.
Her effortless elegance mixed with her ladylike coolness makes her
 to one of the best examples for the parisian chic.
But the look is just one side of the parisian lifestyle. 
On the other side stands the attitude of a real parisian.
For ID-Magazine the beauty told us the 20 best ways to be a parisian during
 Fashion week with the right ironic touch, of course. 
Read the article here

Marni Backstage

pictures via dazeddigital.com

More impressions from Marni AW14.
I not only love the collection, also the styling of the models is fantastic.
Not for every day life but I think on the runway it´s great when it is a little bit overstated.
And one more lection for next autumn/winter
practicing even more layering by using Marni as my example.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Campaign love: Céline

Another part of Céline campaign feautring Daria Werbowy.
After initial scepticism about the arty designs of Phebe Philo for her Spring/Summer collection I begin to love
these new shapes and pints.These campaign couple is my favorite of all because of this lovely snap shot of
Daria laughing. These little moments are the best!

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day Crush: Moccasin Loafers

At the moment I feel the urge to dress a little bit more masculine. 
I love it to combine feminine flared skirts with boyish loafers like this.
I searched for the perfect pair of loafers and found them at Zara, again.
They offer a nice balance between a rough, oldschool style and a feminine shape.
I took my inspiration from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who showed such a great collection with
their brand The Row at New York Fashionweek. They know how to wear this look and I simply love it. 
The shoes are available here

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Kirsten Owen for Mixt(e) Magazine by Emma Tempest

pictures via www.fashiongonerogue.com

90´s icon Kirsten Owen was captures by photographer Emma Tempest for Mixt(e) Magazine Spring/ Summer Issue.
Kirsten look still amazing and even better. She was dressed up by Stylist Camilla Pole in the minimalistic designs of
Acne Studios, Alexander Wang, Emporio Armani and more white looks.
Her expression is so inspiring to me with her Scandinavian naturalness.

Photographer Emma Tempest / Model Kirsten Owen / Styling Camilla Pole / Hair Teiji Utsumi /
Make up Mel Arter

Monday, 24 February 2014

Spring at home

Weekend was just amazing - the weather was perfect there was a lot time to relax and take walks outside.
These flowery regards I brought at home. I would love to have flowers everywhere in my apartment.
They makes me happy and conjure a smile on my face.
I wish you a good start in your week!

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Weekend Inspiration

Happily my hairs are finally long enough to braid them and I think it´s on time to feel like Heidi today.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spring moods

I would loved to have this curtain for my window. It´s filigree but absolutely charming, this flowery detail.
Makes me even more feel spring-like.


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Do or Don´t: Mules

The perfect sandal for summer? Mules are the keyword.
The heeled slippers are everywhere this season and I think of buying a pair for summer.
I´m not that kind of girl, who wear heels in daily life but I could imagine changing it for these beauties.
It´s the perfect kind of sandal for me but I´m still not sure if the bargain is worth it.
I would go for the golden heeled model from Zara. Shall I ?

From upper left corner to bottom right corner:

Backstage at Alexander Wang

pictures via selfservice.com

More backstage picture of New York Fashion Week. 
This time shots by Columbine Goldsmith of Alexander Wang´s F/W 14 show.
The shoes let my heart beats faster and also the military-like coats, the grey-shades and the styling.
Great details and great pieces! See the whole collection on style.com.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

On my mind

You might have recognized that I have a crush on Zara at the moment.
That´s why my wishlist almost consists of Zara pieces. Can´t wait till they´ll hit the stores.
The A.P.C. half-moon bag is a longlasting drem of mine and
would be the perfect companion on extensive Spring walks.

Top Zara / Belted Trousers Zara / Trench Zara / Mules Zara / Heels Acne Studios /
Sunnies Zara / Scarf Acne Studios / Bag A.P.C. / T Shirt Zara

Monday, 17 February 2014

Backstage at Proenza Shouler

pictures via selfservice.com

Behind the scenes of Proenza Shouler´s F/W 14 Show in New York.
I loves these detail shots taken by Ulrich Knoblauch.
 The collection contains quite colorful designs with lots of prints but what I especially like
are the curvy silhouettes of the collection, what makes it so special compared to the others.
I´m a huge fan of the Designer couple and their casual elegance with the liability to unique details.
The whole collection on style.com.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Céline

picture via fashiongonerogue.com

Smiling Daria and the current Céline campaign are the right moods for a spring-like weekend.
I need a lot of sun and a lot of love and a lot of relaxation.

See you on Monday!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine´s day

I wish you all, whether you are in a fortunate relationship or not, a happy Valentine´s day!
Let you treat as you deserve it and celebrate this day, how you want to celebrate it.
My idea of a perfect Valentine´s day is to have a delicious breakfast with your Valentine,
ideally with a bouquet of my favorites flowers on the breakfast table,
than spend a calm day at work as it is Friday and you must work and
meet your better part back at home in the evening with your favorite take away dish and
watch one of the best soppy love film ´Breakfast at Tiffany´s´.
In most cases it won´t go like this but it doesn´t really matter, because you will have
the possibility to spend a perfect romantic evening also on every other day of the year. 
Enjoy it, anyway!

Cos Spring/Summer Looks

Cos´ Spring/Summer looks let me already fall into a rush of spring-like feelings. 
I can´t wait wearing nude legs with sandals or even have the chance to wear my lighter Spring-coats.
Spring already arrived into my home in shape of white tulips and yellow daffodils. 
Now, I´m ready to turn my Winter wardrobe into Spring wardrobe. 
I added a pair of sandals, a midi-skirt and sleeveless top to my summery closet and 
maybe one of these Cos treasures are next on my list. 
Wouldn´t mind the complete second look.
This way to cosstores.com.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Interior moods

I´d never so close to a new apartment than now.
I live together with my boyfriend in our small apartment since almost 3 years when we moved to Berlin.
A change will be perfect in the moment. We searched for a new apartment for some time now but
never find the perfect one for a affordable price and to our imagination.
It´s not at all difficult to satisfy our expectations, 2 well-lit rooms, bathroom with window and tub,
a generous kitchen and maybe a balcony.
Should not that difficult but it is, especially when you want to stay in your surrounding.
So keep our fingers crossed that we get a positive answer and finally move to our perfect home.
Even if it´s not sure yet, I already think about how to furnish the apartment.
I selected some inspirational sources and keep dreaming! 


Sam Rollinson for Vogue UK March

Can a sport sessions look even better than in this editorial for March issue of Vogue UK?
Sam Rollinson is wearing a sport chic featuring designers such as Gucci, Balanciaga, Fred Perry and Marc by Marc Jacobs.
Did you know that these brands can look so sporty?
Sam was a good choice for this story; her short bob brings along a cheeky attitude
and her smile makes it look so damn easy to do sports. Definitely a motivation for my to be more active.
Athleticism in its best form!

Photographer Alasdair McLellan / Model Sam Rollinson / Styling Kate Phelan / Hair Anthony Turner / Make-up Lucia Pica

Cay Crush: Zara

picture via zara.com

That is how my Spring uniform will look like. I´m so in love with this total look, simply perfect from head to toe.
Found this style in the latest Zara lookbook.View the full story here and you´ll find much more great styles.
Can´t wait till these pieces hit the stores; I will be the first in the row, definitely!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Valentines Day for him

After my short Valentine´s overview for her, today my gift suggestions for him.
It´s always much harder to find something for a men. 
Nevertheless, I did this hard journey and selected some small treasures fitting to Valentine´s day.

A.P.C. leather pouch / Alaska wool beanie via vooberlin.com / Casio watch / leather belt - Cos / Shaving serum -  Aesop / checked boxer shorts - Cos / The Travel Almanac via vooberlin.com

But if that is too much of effort, I´m sure men also enjoy a bouquet of flowers!

Acne x Liberty London

Liberty London and Acne Studios collaborated for a collection providing womenswear and accessories.
The designs combining the most iconic pieces of Acne
with the most iconic prints of Liberty London to an extremely succeeded collection. 
I like the filigree prints of the British label combined with Acne´s minimalistic designs and I definitely like what turned out. 
The whole line is available in Liberty London form February 14th and from March in the stores from Acne. 

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentines Day for her

Valentine´s day - one of the most discussed days but for me, still a day to remember.
I´m not that kind of girl, who gets crazy when Valentine´s day is coming closer but that kind of girl,
who wants to think about the happiness to find my better part.
I don´t need to get big presents but I´m also happy to find some pretty flowers of my boyfriend that day.
If it should be a little bit more than here you can find my suggestions of nice little things.

Heart-shaped necklace via vooberlin.com / bra and panty - Cos / pink sweater - Cos / ´The art of French baking via
 vooberlin.com / A.P.C. scented candle / Muuto vase via goodhoodstore.com / red leather bag - Cos

Valentine´s gifts for your Valentine following tomorrow.

New in: Zara flats

Those, who follow me on Instagram will be already noticed my latest bargain.
These amazing sandals from Zara just arrived last week.
It´s a pity that I can´t wear them outside right now but I´m looking so forward to warmer temperatures.
I think they won´t be the last pair of sandals I going to buy this summer
but it´s a succeeded start into the season.
I love the simplicity, inspired by Céline and the break with th rougher tracking sole.
They´re just perfect! 
You can save your pair here or get your silver-metallic pair here.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sandro Spring/Summer Campaign

Eddie Campbell is again the face for Sandro´s Spring/Summer campaign and
I couldn´t imagine a better face than hers. For me, the british supermodel has exactly this edgy attitude,
which Sandro want to express with its Collections.
A little bit of french Laisser-faire, a bit of coolness and a bit of edge.
The collection is hitting the stores right now and I found a lot of  must-have pieces for this summer.
I need to go there soon to save the best pieces. The blouse, Eddie is wearing, is one of them. 
Take a look at sandro-paris.com, where pretty Eddie welcome you on the front page.

Day Crush: The scent of Spring

Spring is just around the corner. Happily, I can´t wait till the temperatures go higher and
it´s warm enough to sit outside again and starting picknick-time.
The scent ´La Tulip´ by Byredo is the perfect attunement to Spring time.
Coose your favorite scent here. They have a beautiful offer on tantalising fragrances.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Weekend Inspiration: Lindsey Wixon

Strong expression, XXL eyebrows, patterned Céline jacket and tough Lindsey = the perfect match.
The portrait is so striking, I simply love it!

Happy weekend for you all.