Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Do or Don´t: Mules

The perfect sandal for summer? Mules are the keyword.
The heeled slippers are everywhere this season and I think of buying a pair for summer.
I´m not that kind of girl, who wear heels in daily life but I could imagine changing it for these beauties.
It´s the perfect kind of sandal for me but I´m still not sure if the bargain is worth it.
I would go for the golden heeled model from Zara. Shall I ?

From upper left corner to bottom right corner:


  1. I dont really know....how comfortable are they for daily life? imagine you wanna grab a quick latte somewhere between home and work but cant actually run or simply go fast because you constantly slip out of these sandals/slippers. i just dont see the beauty in the design. Sorry.

    1. I already tried the model of Cos and I can confirm their comfortness. The leather was really soft and the sandal was great to wear. You can work really fast without slip off. I loved the design but my concern is that I won´t wear them because they are to elegant for my daily life. I´m still trying to figure it out.

  2. Definitively Don't
    just a question of taste