Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cos Love: Folded Bags

I really need an advice of you guys.
I´ve thought about buying one of these bags for a long time. I love the simple Design and the clean cut,
the leather is so smooth and it´s fitting to almost everything. 
The only problem I have, is to decide whether I take the smaller one in light grey or the bigger one, which is just
available in black or green.
The main point, what let me think about it, is that the bigger one is on sale now, for 37€ and the smaller one
for the normal price from 79€.
It would make more sense to buy the bigger one for smaller money but the grey-coloured version is my favorite
and even if, they are akin to each other, the smaller one looks a little bit more elegant.
What would you recommend me? 
I can't hear myself think.
You can find both bags on cosstores.com

Cover: Cover Magazine

picture taken from cover.dk

The new Cover of danish Cover Magazine wins my heart with the beautiful model which is on the magazine.
At first I didn´t realized that what makes her so beautiful but than I recognized her blond eyebrows and I love it.
Really nice inspiration. Iould like to try this also but I think, I wouldn´t be brave enough for this step.
Nevertheless I´m amazed.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monday, 29 July 2013

New launched Onlineshop: PRINTE

pictures taken from printe.bigcartel.com

A collection of the best international magazines in one shop.

That was the idea of Alma and her boyfriend; n
ow this idea comes finally true with their online store PRINTE.
Above a sneak preview of their carefully selected offer.
An insider´s tip for everyone who has a weakness for good print medias.
Have a look and explore your favorite issue
and when you have also a weakness for good online medias, like me,
visit Alma´s blog almamyonlinemagazine.blogspot.com as well,
where she share personal inspirations and pictures exactly to my taste.

Outfit Option: Nike Part III

Here we go with the last part with my Outfit Option Nike.
It´s really simple again but I like the discontinuity of the long dress and the casual sneakers.
Silky rosé socks giving a more feminine touch and the outfit for a light summer day is finish.
The dress has a cool cut and could be a perfect summer companion, I should try on at Cos.
Equally to the socks and the bracelet, which are also from my favorite brand and the sneakers from Nike.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sneak Preview from Cover Magazine

picture taken from cover.dk

A cool Look that I´ve discovered in the new Cover Issue.
A little bit too hot for today but an original Look and a great shot.

Great news!

It´s out now,
I´m going to join Copenhagen Fashion Week from 7th to 9th of August.
I´m so excited because I wasn´t able to attend Berlin Fashion Week this year and now I´ll fly especially just
for this event to Copenhagen for 3 days.
The schedule is out on copenhagenfashionweek.com find it here.
I´ll take a lot of amazing streetstyle shots for you and also from the WoodWood Show.
I´m happy to got this possibility and can´t wait to go there.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Weekend Inspiration

Like every weekend my inspirations for you full of floral things and cool looks.
The weather is definitely not my favorite one but I´ll relax on the pool this weekend and come down
from my super stressful week. The only possibility to sustain 34 degrees.
I wish you all a nice weekend!


Friday, 26 July 2013

Cover: Miranda Kerr for Vogue Thailand

Wet Hair Look again and a well-dressed but revealing Miranda Kerr.
I like the stylistic inconsistency with the rough white leather jacket from Proenza Schouler
and the high wasted wool micro shorts.
I´ve never expected that Thailand would publish such a naughty Cover
but I like the elegant way they styled it.


Todays Outfit

Today I´m wearing a really simple basic Outfit with a silk grey short from Cos and
a white oversize Tshirt also from Cos. 
The jacket is just for the pictures and because I thought it looks good together.
It´s my new one also from Cos, which I introduced you this week.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Outfit Option: Nikes II

Here the second suggestion for the Outfit Option with the Nike Air Max 97 Prem Tape.
The first Option you can watch here
This time I´ve chosen a more feminine Look with a skirt from Topshop and a flower-printed oversize Tshirt from Acne.
I like the stylistic inconsistency of a casual girly touch and the sporty impact of the shoes.
In addition to that I would like wearing a hang on purse and round Acne sunnies.
The colour combination is soft and harmonic contrasting to the sporty elegant Look.
I would love to wear it now!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hair Trend: Wet Look

Wet Look?
Do or Don´t in your view?
I asked myself, how wearable it is in ever day use?
I think, on the pictures above it seems really cool and undone but I also think, that models looking always good,
whatever they wearing. 
Would it look nice, if I would wear it to go shopping or just for go to dinner?
The less looking versions are naturally more used but the Looks from the runway are difficult to wear
as a normal person on a normal day. Anyway, I thought it could be a good inspiration, if you want to risk
and try something new. I´m not sure, if I gonna go out with this messy look but I´ll try it definitely for myself
and maybe, when I´m satisfied, I´ll share the result with you!
Is there anybody out there, who already tried this hair styling?
I´m very interested in your experiences.


Malgosia for Alexander Wang Fall 2013 Preview

This sneak preview from the collaboration of Malgosia Bela for Alexander Wang Fall 2013 is out now.
More pictures from the campaign will publish later but as a small supplement
you can watch a short video about Malgosia´s work and life here
She is such a strong personality and I admire her beautiful perfect edgily face.
She is fitting perfectly in the Look Alexander Wang wants to embodies.
I´m excited to see the rest of this campaign shots!

source: http://www.fashiongonerogue.com/malgosia-bela-is-back-for-alexander-wangs-fall-2013-ads/

Monday, 22 July 2013

New in

These few things are mine, now.
One last time I´ve made a Cos Online Sale order and that is what I got:
Silk and woolen blouse and a short jacket with pleats in blue.
I recommend to have a look at their website cosstores.com, where you can find reductions up to 70 percents now. 
The other day, my boyfriend, the best all over the world, made me this beautiful present,
I´ve dreamed from for such a long time.
The fantastic Hay Tray table, you can shop here.
It fits perfect in our living room and gives the room a minimalistic, stylish atmosphere.
I love it´s simplicity.
Additionally to that, I´ve found this retro metallic candle holder designed by Nagel Bmf Quist
on ebay.com and had the luck to get it for really low money and now, it´s fitting perfectly on my new Hay table.
A perfect couple and I´m so glad with all this novelties.

Stella McCartney Campaign Fall/Winter 2013

pictures taken from carolinsmode.se

Suvi Koponen and Chiharu Okunugi  by Mert & Marcus.
Amazing oversized coats and huge plateau shoes.
What an amazing perspective for the autumn/winter!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Art Work: Collage by me

Last part of my creative work results.
Gives me the feeling of liberty and silence.
Aqua blue is one of my favorite colours this year and the model, who is in the picture is a real beauty,
can´t look away from her simpleness.
I´m curios, I answered if you like my art work and you´re interested in more of these collages.
I would be really thankful for every response.

Outfit: First Working Day

If you remember,  I´ve posted on Thursday the Outfit Option for my first working day as an assistant
on an Editorial Shoot. You can see the suggested Look here.
 That is what I really wore this day. It´s quite close to the Outfit Option but the coat was a bit too hot for this day. Therefore I´ve chosen the pants from Cos to the silk top also from Cos and
my brand new Acne sandals from the Acne Archive in Copenhagen.
It turned out that it was a good choice, I felt really comfortable and stylish, the shoot was more than exciting and
all the people there were so friendly and sweet.
The results coming soon!

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Weekend Inspiration

As I promised last weekend here we go with the weekly inspirations to the weekend.
This time I´ve chosen a great mix of sporty and minimalistic pictures, not so surprising for me but I like
the architectural pictures in combination to the fashion pictures.
I had an exciting but also exhausting first week in my new internship and I´m happy to have two days off to relax and
doing nothing. I hope you enjoy the weekend as well !


Friday, 19 July 2013

Carven Campaign AW13

pictures taken from http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/fashion/news/carla-bruni-sarkozy-for-bulgari

I really like the new Campaign pictures from Carven AW13.
I love the idea of blurred model Marine Deleeuw in the front and the sharp natural background;
and the pastel coats are stunning, without any question. 

Photographer: Harry Carr