Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hair Trend: Wet Look

Wet Look?
Do or Don´t in your view?
I asked myself, how wearable it is in ever day use?
I think, on the pictures above it seems really cool and undone but I also think, that models looking always good,
whatever they wearing. 
Would it look nice, if I would wear it to go shopping or just for go to dinner?
The less looking versions are naturally more used but the Looks from the runway are difficult to wear
as a normal person on a normal day. Anyway, I thought it could be a good inspiration, if you want to risk
and try something new. I´m not sure, if I gonna go out with this messy look but I´ll try it definitely for myself
and maybe, when I´m satisfied, I´ll share the result with you!
Is there anybody out there, who already tried this hair styling?
I´m very interested in your experiences.


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