Monday, 12 September 2016

How to wear ...

pictures via www.pinterest.com

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I´ve bought myself one of these Fisherman´s hats in Paris, 
which thanks to my hatter now fits my teeny tiny hat perfectly. So if you have a small hat like me, 
just look for a hatter in your city. It won´t be a problem to reduce the hat circumference up to two centimeters.

I went for the grey Isabel Marant Étoile hat - the most simple model I could find. 
Without too much detailing and volume I thought it would go with everything in my wardrobe. 
Because of its plain grey colour I can wear it with any other colour without having too much contrast 
in my outfits if I´d like to wear lighter shades with it, too. But, of course, you can´t get wrong with navy blue or black either.
The weather in Berlin was not yet hat suitable but I wore it once in the morning and I felt quite fashionable wearing it, 
even if I paired it with a skinny black jeans, a black v-neck sweater and brown suede loafers only. 
Super simple and comfy but due to my hat still quite cool. Exactly what I thought it would do to my outfits. 
I´m really looking forward to my short trip to London, where I´ll hopefully get more use out of it.
In the meantime I keep on looking for inspirations how to rock a fisherman´s hat like Lucy Williams or Kate Moss.