Monday, 25 January 2016

Something different

picture via www.into-mind.com

It is something a little bit different to that, what I usually post on my site but 
I thought this might be quite interesting for some of you as well. 
The 30-day minimalism challenge was created by Anuschka, who runs a very inspiring blog 
called www.into-mind.com, where you can find loads of helpful articles about
 how to live a slower, simpler life with less stuff.
This challenge is just perfect to focus on the important things in life and slow down a little bit 
when everything seems to pass by too fast. I feel like I have to destress my life from social media and
 everything which can really drive me crazy sometimes, as I´m still at the beginning of my twenties and 
I want to appreciate every second of it now. Of course, you can´t do fun things every single day 24 hours 
but at least you have to try to make the best out of every minute you have. 
Sometimes I feel to be in a bit of a rush and I can´t enjoy all these great moments to the fullest. 
I really want to change this for 2016 and be more attentive and thankful for everything I have. 
This challenge could be a perfect start for this resolution. 
You can get more detailed instruction for everyday´s task by following
this link to Anuschka´s article. Aftercoping with this challenge this might be the next one?

PS: I set myself another smaller challenge to accomplish first. 
Today I´ve started my mission to make Pilates everyday (at least for 20 minutes) for one week. 
I used to love making Pilates during the summer but for some reason I stopped doing it and
 now it is really hard to come back into the flow, you know? 
I hope to become motivated again after this week, not only fitness-related.
 I hope I can do this but one week should be feasible, I think. 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Beauty Wishlist 2016

It is still January and I thought the perfect time to create a wishlist full of beauty cravings 
I want to get my hands on throughout 2016. 
On this list you can find old classics, I have already tested and loved as well as super hyped products, 
I definitly want to give a try. One of these old classics is the Kiehl´s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
I had it for a while but after finishing it, I didn´t repurchased it and tried something else, which, 
I think, is not as good as the Kiehl´s Treatment. My thin under eye skin felt never as nourished again. 
That´s why it is on top of my wishlist. Same with the Lancome Hypnôse Mascara, which I´ve used for a while 
but didn´t repurchased after finishing. 
The other products however I haven´t tried before but crossed my way lately and aroused big interest on my part. 
The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette might be an essential for some of you already
 but powders were never one of these products I wanted to spend a lot of money. 
This has changed now because I realized a good powder can make such a difference. 
These palette consisting of three illuminating shades seem to be perfect for me as they make your skin 
look glowy by mattifying your complexion. Speaking of glow, the Becca Highlighters
are on everyone´s lips and now also in my head just like the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer
everyone is raving about. I haven´t found the perfect Concealer yet but maybe in 2016?
Haircare-wise Oribe is a brand I definitly want to give a try even if the prices act as a deterrent. 
I was lucky enough to try a sample of the Masque for Beautiful Colour and loved how my hair felt after this treatment. 
I know that a lot of people love the Dry Texturizing Spray and my hair always need a bit of texture. 
Another brand, which is more on the pricy side is Byredo. La Tulipe is my go to perfume for Spring time and
 I want to have another scent to vary a bit. A friend of mine got the Perfume Leather Case for Christmas and
 I want to have one of these ever since. You can get every Byredo scent in  a special refill size to put it into 
this beautiful leather case to make it even easier to travel with. 
Last but not least I have to more skin care poducts I need to try in 2016. The Charcoal Clear Improvement Mask 
from Origins and the Pixi Glow Tonic. Both for more uneven skin days, which I have quite often these days. 
Has anyone of you experiences with those products mentioned? 
You´ll for sure be the first who find out when I get anything of that.

For more beauty and fashion cravings of mine, check out my Wantfeed page
where you can put it straight on your wishlist, too.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Weekend Read

I don´t know what about you but I´m not totally arrived yet in 2016. 
Normally I don´t have these difficulties with starting a new year but this time it was quite sentimental and thoughful. 
I hope to get back my energy soon. Luckily, I had two full days off, which I have well spend booking 
my summer holidays, watching some episodes of my favourite series and reading the latest issue of Porter Magazine. 
Now I´m a bit in a blues that this enjoyable weekend is already over.
Anyway, this article about Emma Watson published in Porter Magazine I do not want to keep back.
She has become such a strong and inspiring woman and her commitment made me feel much more motivated.

Pictures by Cass Bird / Fashion Editor Alex White

Friday, 15 January 2016

New in

Hello again! It´s been a while but let´s go on with one of my favourite things to do. 
Showing you my latest sale bargains and some new beauty bits and bobs. 
You know how much I love my Isabel Marant Étoile Patsha Boots in brown. 
As I mentioned in my Black Boots Selection post, I was thinking about getting the black ones as well and 
as you can see I did it. I may not have bought them if they weren´t on sale but it must be a sign
 that there was only one black pair left in my size on sale. I don´t feel guilty because I love these shoes
 so much in both colours and I hope I can wear them for a long long time. 
I feel more guilty about my two new sweaters because I know, that I already own a lot of lovely knitwear pieces. 
But every winter again I feel like I need more of them if I want to survive the coldness outside. 
In my defence I have to say that I neither have a blue sweater nor a black and white salt and pepper
 sweater and I now feel like being well equipped even I already keep an eye on two other non sale models. 
Beauty-wise I finally can tell the Laura Mercier Tinted Mousturizer my own, which was on my wishlist
 for such a long time. Along with that I bought another Diptyque Room Fragrance with a heavenly floral scent, 
which I´m going to use to feel a little more spring-like even if it´s freezing outside.
 Last but not least I got myself a new red lipstick. I´m so in love with this deep berry but still red colour, 
I wore every since almost every day during Christmas time. The perfect colour to go with my dark blue sweater. 
I´m not a hundred percent satisfied with the durability of this lipstick but anyways I love the finish of it.
Did you got anything from the sale or do you remain strong yet?

Friday, 8 January 2016

Home Inspiration

picture via www.pinterest.com

The start into a new year is the perfect chance to approach new challenges or 
to bring old projects to an end. For me the first (fun) project of the year will be to complete my corridor 
by adding some nice little details. These wooden dots by Muuto are the perfect little accessory
 for my rather narrow corridor and also super practical as you can put stuff like bags, scarves, hats or jackets on them.
The dots were on my mind for quite some time and I´ve just found an amazing offer, which I could not longer resist. 
Well, the first step is done and I´m already looking forward to check off this first project from my 2016 to do list.
What are your projects for this year?

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Sale Wishlist

Sale is going on right now and of course I had a little look around and 
put quite a selection of sale pieces straight on my wishlist. I´m so excited 
when it comes to sale season and I love a good bargain. Who doesn´t?
My favourite websites to shop high end clothing on sale are farfetch.com, matchesfashion.com
luisaviaroma.com, mytheresa.com and net-a-porter.com, which you all might already know. 
But you can make even better sale finds offline. From experience I know that tiny private boutiques 
often offer the best selection of sale pieces. So if you may have not to work yet and 
you are up to a bit of treasure hunting, the time is right. 
But be careful, there are a lot of great deals out there at the moment.