Friday, 15 January 2016

New in

Hello again! It´s been a while but let´s go on with one of my favourite things to do. 
Showing you my latest sale bargains and some new beauty bits and bobs. 
You know how much I love my Isabel Marant Étoile Patsha Boots in brown. 
As I mentioned in my Black Boots Selection post, I was thinking about getting the black ones as well and 
as you can see I did it. I may not have bought them if they weren´t on sale but it must be a sign
 that there was only one black pair left in my size on sale. I don´t feel guilty because I love these shoes
 so much in both colours and I hope I can wear them for a long long time. 
I feel more guilty about my two new sweaters because I know, that I already own a lot of lovely knitwear pieces. 
But every winter again I feel like I need more of them if I want to survive the coldness outside. 
In my defence I have to say that I neither have a blue sweater nor a black and white salt and pepper
 sweater and I now feel like being well equipped even I already keep an eye on two other non sale models. 
Beauty-wise I finally can tell the Laura Mercier Tinted Mousturizer my own, which was on my wishlist
 for such a long time. Along with that I bought another Diptyque Room Fragrance with a heavenly floral scent, 
which I´m going to use to feel a little more spring-like even if it´s freezing outside.
 Last but not least I got myself a new red lipstick. I´m so in love with this deep berry but still red colour, 
I wore every since almost every day during Christmas time. The perfect colour to go with my dark blue sweater. 
I´m not a hundred percent satisfied with the durability of this lipstick but anyways I love the finish of it.
Did you got anything from the sale or do you remain strong yet?

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