Friday, 31 May 2013

DIY: Clothing Rack by love-aesthetics.nl
You know, I´m searching a practical, aesthetic and cheap way to keep all my clothes and presenting them confidently stylish. Yesterday, I found the best clothing rack I´ve seen in the last few weeks and as I saw that it´s a DIY instruction it was clear in my mind that I have to construct it for my home and of course I want to share with you this recovering. It´s one of the most simple tutorial and easy to follow. That will be my employment for the weekend and I can´t wait start buying the necessary things. 

What you'll need:
/ 2 tubes of 2 meters in length
/ 2 tubes of 1 meter in length
/ 4 3 way joints for plumbing tubes
/ a roll of tape

step one.
put the long tubes against the wall in an inclined way. Mine are on the floor about 75cm away from the wall. It seems like really far away. But the more you'll incline them, the sturdier your rack will be. Doesn't seem like it now, but once it is assembled it will be.

step two.
Put your hanger on a height where it will not be touching the wall , like shown on the fourth picture, and mark this spot on the tube. This is the height where you will place the horizontal tube.

step 3.
Put a bit of strong plastic tape around the spot you just marked before placing the 3 way joint. This bit of tape will make the tube thicker on the place where the hardware comes, it will secure it and prevent it from sliding down. Make sure the hardware is placed on exactly the same height on both long tubes. If not, the rack will turn out wobbly.

step 4.
After you've placed all four joints, you can assemble the rack by connecting the long tubes with the short horizontal ones in between.

step 5. (optional)
I planned to put two screws in the floor on which you can put the tubes on top to prevent them from moving. But skipped this step because the rack turned out to be much much sturdier that I had expected, because of the weight on the rack it really stays on it's place and leans against the wall.

Thank you www.love-aesthetics.blogspot.nl for this great DIY !
You can find much more simple but really beautiful ideas on her Website.
I´m already now I fan of her DIY and I´ll see myself already trying out all this great stuff.

source: http://love-aesthetics.blogspot.nl/2013/02/diy-clothing-rack-made-from-plumbing.html

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Home Inspiration: Pale grounds
For a long time I  conceive a desire to have a pale bright ground like these one.
It makes a room immediately looking more straight and clean. 
I like to have a clear-cut course in my home but to get my style down pat I would like to whiten my old brown floorboards.
That must be hard work and I´m not sure if our renter would be delighted by my intention but I will try
to realize my proposal!
How do you think about that? Anyone who already done this? Advices required.

source: http://25.media.tumblr.com/b20204d51cf7e1d4517fab6ceed96ef7/tumblr_mngil3WBLd1ro8668o1_500.jpg

Jacquemus available in Wood Wood Online Store

"La maison" (The house) - the Collection of talented 23-years old Designer Simon Jacquemus is called and now available in the Stores. And you can see the inspiration in his Lookbook with this exciting unconventional girl,
who suits so great in his Looks.
I love the shabby style in the pictures and I was so carried away by enthusiasm clicking through his website, watching the videos for the collections Le Sport 90 and Le Chenil. This young parisian spirit makes his Brand becoming so special.
Every collection tells his very own story and the latest one, just presented on Paris Fashionweek this spring, is called "La Piscine" (The swimming pool) and was organized in a public parisian Piscine.
Although he is at the beginning of his career I think we will hear a lot more of this brand.
I´m already a fan of his exceptional Looks.
Take a glance at his Webpage: www.jacquemus.com

source: http://blanchelapin.tumblr.com/page/3

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Today´s Details
I know, there past a few weeks without any Outfit Posts but there is missing a photographer to capture me on camera.
Today I was in the mood of showing your my details; wearing my grey Cos Jeans, beige Cos Loafers and the fluffy Weekday sweater.
On my concrete table you can find a bouquet of flowers and a delicious pineapple.
The perfect combination for a grey day like this!

Streetstyle: afterDRK.com
May I introduce the pretty dutch Blogger Sabrina Meijer from afterDRK.com.
I already knew her website but, just now, I recognized how talented she is creating her own casual but very exciting Looks.
I spend hours clicking through her blog to discover her creative platform, which is filled out with her own Looks, of course, the most important Fashionweek news and exclusive backstage stories, lovely short films and
much more great inspirations.
She absolutely hits my taste of fashion and I just can recommend following this exceptional beauty.
I selected my favorite Looks and that what really like is this unexcitedly way of her, she is absolutely confidently stylish.

source: www.afterDRK.com 


Cool and classic. 
What else one could associate with this shit weather but the pictures convey the right atmosphere.


Model of the Day: Frida Gustavsson
at Scandinavia S/S/A/W Magazine
Beautiful swedish Supermodel Frida Gustavsson is the new face on the Cover of  Scandinavia S/S/A/W Magazine - the clue, every Cover of 5000 shows another unique picture of her.
The series shot by Andreas Öhlund and I like the unconventional style of the pictures.
Save your really own issue!

source: http://www.brigadenoir.com/

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Currently I´m getting so inspired by great editorials and I found again a very inspirational photographed by very talented Sevda Albers more of her on www.sevdaalbers.com
Shot in Barcelona in collaboration with 
Styling: Josepha Rodríguez
Hair and Make up: Marina Alejandre
Crazy Photo Assi: Annika Karrenbauer
Model: Patrica @ Blow

source: http://www.weareyouneak.com/2013/05/28/editorial-barcelona/

Monday, 27 May 2013

Metallic Shine
You already recognized that everywhere you look the metallic trend come over us?
My favorite store Cos offers some models as well. The Wire chair of Harry Bertioa stayed into my mind for a long time and would be the perfect new accessory for my kitchen. And Maison Martin Margiela also works with the metallic matter in his design of his latest scent.
Makes my feel a little bit more elegant.
Absolutely a Must-Have for me this summer. I already bought a green metallic nail lacquer from &Other stories - perfect approach for the beginning.

Architectural Inspiration 
Luis Barragán is the man who designed this great architecture.
The thing I like on it is the straight edged curves and the play with the colorful surfaces.
Minimalistic design by a Mexican, unfortunately he is already dead but his structures stay alive. 
I also like the style of the photographies. It´s always a difficult task taking a good shot of this kind of edgy architecture. Really well-done.

source: http://www.anywho.dk/blog/luis-barragan#comments

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Streetstyle: Acne Taurus Shoes
My favorites are the white version with glitter detail sole but the Streetstyle picture shows the right way wearing this special shoe.
Buy them here

source: http://carolinesmode.com/stockholmstreetstyle/art/272811/georgia_fowler/#disqus_thread

Editorial: Wild Magazine
Sporty-Streetstylish Editorial shot by Jeffery Jones.
Not the everyday Streetstyle and I like the small details like the flared trousers and the pants in Marlene-Look mixed with the feminine flared coat.
Model Barbara Fialho has the right attitude for this editorial I think. The perfect composition.

source: http://www.anywho.dk/blog/street-wise-huh#comments