Friday, 31 May 2013

DIY: Clothing Rack by love-aesthetics.nl
You know, I´m searching a practical, aesthetic and cheap way to keep all my clothes and presenting them confidently stylish. Yesterday, I found the best clothing rack I´ve seen in the last few weeks and as I saw that it´s a DIY instruction it was clear in my mind that I have to construct it for my home and of course I want to share with you this recovering. It´s one of the most simple tutorial and easy to follow. That will be my employment for the weekend and I can´t wait start buying the necessary things. 

What you'll need:
/ 2 tubes of 2 meters in length
/ 2 tubes of 1 meter in length
/ 4 3 way joints for plumbing tubes
/ a roll of tape

step one.
put the long tubes against the wall in an inclined way. Mine are on the floor about 75cm away from the wall. It seems like really far away. But the more you'll incline them, the sturdier your rack will be. Doesn't seem like it now, but once it is assembled it will be.

step two.
Put your hanger on a height where it will not be touching the wall , like shown on the fourth picture, and mark this spot on the tube. This is the height where you will place the horizontal tube.

step 3.
Put a bit of strong plastic tape around the spot you just marked before placing the 3 way joint. This bit of tape will make the tube thicker on the place where the hardware comes, it will secure it and prevent it from sliding down. Make sure the hardware is placed on exactly the same height on both long tubes. If not, the rack will turn out wobbly.

step 4.
After you've placed all four joints, you can assemble the rack by connecting the long tubes with the short horizontal ones in between.

step 5. (optional)
I planned to put two screws in the floor on which you can put the tubes on top to prevent them from moving. But skipped this step because the rack turned out to be much much sturdier that I had expected, because of the weight on the rack it really stays on it's place and leans against the wall.

Thank you www.love-aesthetics.blogspot.nl for this great DIY !
You can find much more simple but really beautiful ideas on her Website.
I´m already now I fan of her DIY and I´ll see myself already trying out all this great stuff.

source: http://love-aesthetics.blogspot.nl/2013/02/diy-clothing-rack-made-from-plumbing.html

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