Monday, 30 November 2015

Advent Advent

Unbelievable that yesterday was already the first Sunday of Advent!
Did you light the first Advent candle on your Advent wreath? 
Mine is not really a wreath this year but I love this puristic alternative a lot. 
This candle holder by Ib Laursen was a total bargain and you can put inside whatever you like 
to make it fit to your christmas decoration. I decided for some classic cones because 
I prefer decorating with natural materials just as cones, evergreens, tangerines and other branches.
 If you haven´t got an Advent wreath yet this is a great last minute bargain! 
You can get it here and also here in brass.
Enjoy Christmas time!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

On my mind

Black friday in mind I´ve gathered the pieces which I´m currently coveting. 
I hope to get my hands on one or another with some attractive reductions tomorrow. 
New on my list is this beautiful but indeed unnecessary peacock sleep mask and these black lace up boots. 
Still looking for some classic black boots I came across this & Other Stories lace up version and 
liked them a lot as they are totally different to these ones I already have. 
Something I definitely need to get is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. I had the chance
 to try it out recently and I can understand the hype of this product. It´s not really a bargain
 but maybe I´m lucky enough to find a good offer. Another kind of hyped product in my mind
 is the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and I want to try it out ever since I heard about it. 
Luckly they brought out a Christmas gift set, which is a really good deal even without Black Friday discount. 
For the other items I hope of some attractive reductions. What´s on your Black Friday wishlist?

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Isabel Marant Étoile Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

pictures via www.isabelmarant.com

It´s always so excited to see the next season lookbooks coming up,
 especially when the weather outside is the total contrary to the presented collection. 
I´m most excited about Isabel Marants latest one, which is rather a piece of art than a simple lookbook,
 in my opinion. Photographed by image maker Michael Baumgarten by using 3D technique 
in collaboration with interior stylist Anna Burns and Stylist Jack Borkett. 
The result: Model Hayett Belarbi McCarthy presents Isabel Marant classics like striped jumpers and
 lace dresses on a wild playground of strange and unexpected arranged objects. 
I can´t stop looking at it again and again. What about you?

Model Hayett Belarbi McCarthy / Photographer Michael Baumgarten / 
Set Sytlist Anna Burns / Sytlist Jack Borkett

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday Essentials

When I was younger I could not understand why my parents loved Sundays so much. 
I always thought it was the most boring day of the week because noone was up to do anything special on a Sunday. Especially those of you who grew up in a small village like me, may understand what I mean. 
With my 23 years now Sundays become equally sacred to me and I enjoy every minute to the fullest 
when I´m not forced to do anything special but relaxe and recover. 
Sometimes that means I go for a delicious breakfast with my friends, stroll across a flea market 
on a sunny day or stay on my couch the whole day long like I did today, fully equipped with my new book, 
my favourite face mask and some yummy chocolate. 
Sundays were created to reload your batteries, whatever that means for you!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

On the hunt

If I had to choose I´d dare to say that boots are my favourite type of shoes. 
I wear them throughout the whole year. Ok, not on the hottest days of summer
 but even on lower summer days I love to combine a good old bootie with short skirts and dresses. 
When it comes to this time of year my boots are my most faithful
 companions and because of that a bit of variation is a must in my wardrobe. 
I´m a sucker for brown shades shoewise and I realized a general lack of black footwear. 
And even I love my brown shoe collection, my aim for this season is to find a nice pair of classic black boots. 
These are my five short-listed pairs from my first browse. 
I´m thinking about buying the Patsha boots in black as well, as I wear the brown ones almost every day. 
Or should I rather go for a fresh new look?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hair Inspiration

At the moment I´m quite dissatisfied with my current hair style, which you can´t really call a hair style at all.
I realize that when I start wearing the same hair do every single day rather than
 styling it differently depending on how I feel. That is so annoying and I would love to be more
 adventuresome or at least more talented to try new styles out but often there is no time for big experiments. 
I just came across this picture of Edie Campbell and couldn´t get off my eyes of her cute hair style. 
I already loved her with black hair but I even love her more with this blonde boyish bob. 
To be honest, I would never cut my hair like hers but I think she has found her perfect hair do, 
which underlines her personality and gives her a really unique look. 
Maybe I must start to lose my fear of scissors and outer changes to find this perfect hair style for me as well.

Photography by Ulrich Knoblauch Backstage at Isabel Marant Paris Spring/Summer 2016

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Reload my batteries

Honestly, I´m not feeling really well today. I hope that I don´t get sick again but I can feel it already. 
That´s why I canceled all my plans for today and decided to take some me time to reload my batteries.
A perfect day off for me is as simple as you can see. Having a hot bath with some really nice smelling
 bath salt listening to Adele, who calms me down a lot. Afterwards I love a good cup of tea 
while watching an episode of my favourite series Girls
I hope to avert the disaster just in time. Fingers crossed!

Saturday, 7 November 2015

What I would like wearing today

It is not only Saturday today, that alone is a reason to celebrate, no, it is also my birthday! Yay!
Indeed it will be a day like every other day but my mom and my grandmother will pay me a visit and 
we are going to have a lovely afternoon with tea, rambling and nice chats, in short 
spending some rare quality time together. That has been a tradition for the last 3 years and
 I really enjoy it since I´m not living that close to my family anymore.
On this occasion I´d love to wear a casual but still chic outfit (it´s my birthday anyway), 
that I can easily upgrade to an evening look by adding some red lipstick, 
as I´ll meet up with my friends for some drinks afterwards. 
Black is one of my favourite colours to wear and looks always super chic with red lipstick. 
But you can never go wrong with an effortless french kind of look, I guess. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

New in

It´s getting cozy at home with my latest interior additions, which you can see above.
A new blanket was on my wishlist for quite some time and I finally found one which met my requirements greatly.
 I found it last week at Bolia without looking for it. This dove grey beauty found me instead, I´d say. 
But no coziness without a cup of tea and a lit scented candle. I´m not that picky when it comes to tea. 
Earl Grey with a dash of milk and I´m totally happy. Unlike when it comes to scented candles. I swear by Diptyique, 
which causes no headaches like many others. My newest addition is however from RPL Maison and the scent 
Bois de rêve is magic and caused no headaches until now, which makes me super pleased. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Home Inspiration

Photographer: Derek Swalwell

What would I give to live in a former factory like this -  spacious rooms, exposed brick walls, 
high seelings and this industrial charme. One day maybe such a gorgeous furnished flat will be mine. 
Until then I keep on dreaming of it and start gathering inspirations. 
A freestanding bath next to my bed is from now on definitely saved in my mind.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Lorelle Rayner by Hasse Nielsen for Cover Magazine

Does any of you recognized that Cover Magazine produces really great editorials?
Every now and then I stumble upon a new one and have to admit that I like them a lot - 
from the choice of model up to the styling and the photographic eye as well. 
This is one of their newer stories shot by Hasse Nielsen and styled by Emelie Johansson. 
And what else to say? Classic pieces layered to a wide masculin silhouette 
with some sensual feminin details. Big love!

Model Lorelle Rayner / Photographer Hasse Nielsen / Styling Emelie Johansson