Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday Essentials

When I was younger I could not understand why my parents loved Sundays so much. 
I always thought it was the most boring day of the week because noone was up to do anything special on a Sunday. Especially those of you who grew up in a small village like me, may understand what I mean. 
With my 23 years now Sundays become equally sacred to me and I enjoy every minute to the fullest 
when I´m not forced to do anything special but relaxe and recover. 
Sometimes that means I go for a delicious breakfast with my friends, stroll across a flea market 
on a sunny day or stay on my couch the whole day long like I did today, fully equipped with my new book, 
my favourite face mask and some yummy chocolate. 
Sundays were created to reload your batteries, whatever that means for you!

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