Friday, 30 October 2015

Birthday Wishlist

As you might have guessed it already by the title - my birthday is not far anymore. 
It´s crazy how time flies but let us not complain! In the end we just gain on experiences and 
memories and get ourselves to know much better from year to year, right? Right!
I take the chance to share my current wishlist with you and maybe give inspiration to friends and 
family who does not have any idea by now. Some bigger, some smaller investments
 but I like when my friends pool money and buy something I really like and appreciate for years. 
Same I do with gifts for my friends and family.  
My motto for the upcoming year is going to be "dream big". 
Something I´ve learned about the past year and I definitely want to pursue. 
Because almost nothing is impossible, it´s all up to you. 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

New in

I´ve added some new make up stuff to my beauty bag lately as you can see. 
I really enjoyed using every single bit and that´s why I wanted to show you today what I´ve got. 
When you have to kill one hour waiting at the airport it´s not that surprising 
when you come up with at least one new beauty product from the duty free, right?
 I decided for my very first Chanel blush in the colour Malice, which is a really nice peachy coral, 
which goes with almost everything and makes really healthy looking cheeks.
 I´ve also picked up an Essie nail polish in a deep cherry red the other day and it´s exactly this colour 
I was looking for and I wore almost every day ever since. The other two bits are from &Other Stories. 
It´s always so tempting in there, with all the pretty packagings. 
That´s probably the reason I came up with a cherry tinted lip balm in this cute little tin and the copper stick, 
which might look a bit strange at the beginning but is a real bargain because you not only get
 an eye colour but also a blush and lip colour as well. Thus you can create a total make up look out of one product, 
what I think is a really great concept.
Go and check it out if you´re now interested in these things 
I love so much at the moment or tell me what are your favourite pieces at the moment!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Diaries for 2016

Can you believe that it´s almost November already? The last few months went by so quickly for me.
If time continues to pass by that quick it´s definitely time think about a new diary for 2016
 before the best ones gone. Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer analogue calenders to digitals
 for the simple reason that I can safe all my handwritten notes and dates from a whole year
 in one small book and keep it afterwards to look back whenever I want to know what I did back in 2015. 
Aside from that, of course, I like the process of choosing a pretty designed diary out of this huge choice of products:
Some of my favourites are already available:

Monday, 26 October 2015

Perfect Pair

I´m ready to start into a great new week! 
Today I really feel like wearing a grown up and autumnal look.
Tweet and burgundy seemed to me like the perfect combination for this theme. 
Combining two real classics with each other makes a look quite grown up in my opinion. 
To break this classic style a bit I´d rather combine a blue boyfriend jeans 
than a black tailored trouser but this is totally up to you and your preferences. 
But I´m interested - what would be your choice?

Friday, 23 October 2015

Olympia Campbell by Zoe Ghertner for WSJ Magazine October 2015

pictures via www.wearesodroee.com

Today´s inspiration comes again from my current girl crush Zoe Ghertner. 
This girl knows how to capture a magic moment. And even the pictures don´t seem to be
 extraordinary at the first moment, for me, they are just perfect right down to the last detail. 
Every composition, from the setting to the model right up to the colours and the atmosphere, 
everything in her pictures is perfectly composed and makes me always feel highly inspired. 
Let me know if it´s only me who thinks so!

Model Olympia Campbell / Photographer Zoe Ghertner / Fashion Editor Brian Molloy

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Travel Essentials

In less than 5 hours I´ll be in Vienna and that makes me pretty excited!
I´m just going for a couple of days with a short weekend getaway to the Alps for a bit of relaxation. 
Some of my travel essentials apart from obvious stuff like toothbrush and underwear are mentioned above. 
Not to forget cosmetics in travel sizes, a watch to be right on time for the flight and a cozy outfit. 
In addition I´ve packed some fun bits and bobs to make the journey a bit more pleasant - 
a nice little travel notepad, a portable phone charger and scented tubes 
to keep my baggage fresh from the inside.
What are your flight essentials?

1. Cos High-neck Wool Dress

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New in

When time is rare during the week and you haven´t been shopping in a while a sunday
 shopping tour seems quite attractive to reload your batteries and treat yourself a bit. 
So I took the chance last sunday and went for a tiny shopping stroll on Kudamm. 
I haven´t been to H&M in a while and haven´t had time to take a sneak peek 
at the new launched beauty range yet. The cute little face masks attracted 
my attention as well as a navy blue peacoat of their trend collection. 
Followed by a short stop at H&M´s little sister Cos, where I couldn´t leave
 these perfect black Chealsea boots behind. I wore this combination 
almost every day ever since,  so the investments has been already worthwile.
Can´t wait to try the face masks!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Isabel Marant Spring 2016

pictures via www.isabelmarant.com

You know how much I love Isabel Marant right now - her mixture of classic, bohemian 
and parisian influences is exactly what I´m looking for at the moment. 
I visited the brand website lately to check out the newest summer runway looks presented last week
 as part of Paris Fashionweek and came across this beautiful spring 2016 lookbook. 
The spring garments are rather modest and classy compared to the cheer- and colourful summer collection. 
Effortless and feminin, timeless pieces I preferably want to add to my wardrobe immediately.
 I don´t mind a bit of understatement when it still has this certain something. 
Do you know this when you have a crush on a particular brand and 
you would love to buy almost everything of it? Isabel Marant is mine at the moment!
 Check out the whole lookbook here.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Home Inspiration

I really like this arrangement of magazines, vintage frames, fashion pieces and far eastern details. 
I spotted this moroccan basket the other day at Hay and put it straight on my brithday wishlist. 
Isn´t it beautiful? It´s also worth taking a closer look at the rest of this lovely bohemian
 inspired apartment of a swedish family. Click here if you like to check it out.

Monday, 5 October 2015

French Vibes

Oh Paris, I miss you so much! 
My longing for France reaches its climax every autumn again 
when I look back and remember my first weeks in Paris 2 years ago.
To satisfy this longing at least a bit I went virtual shopping to get some french vibes in my life.
I don´t know why I think Paris is most beautiful in Autumn, can you?
This would be my look for a sunny autumn walk through Jardin Tuileries.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Weekend Read

The new issue of The Gentlewoman is out just in time for weekend.
Cover girl of this autumn winter issue is blue-eyed actress Saoirse Ronan, 
whose name I cannot even pronounce but it sounds extremely poetic anyway. 
All I want for now is get myself a cup of tea and flip through it on this cozy sunday.
Enjoy yours!

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Malgosia Bela by Craig McDean for Totême

pictures via www.toteme-nyc.com

When Malgosia Bela is face of the new campaign of one of
 my favourite brands, I obviously have to share it with you.
So, here it is: the latest autumn winter campaign of Totême, 
full of timeless staples and beautiful pictures of Malgosia Bela.
The rollneck sweater is my favourite piece. Do you have one?
Check out the new collection here