Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New in

When time is rare during the week and you haven´t been shopping in a while a sunday
 shopping tour seems quite attractive to reload your batteries and treat yourself a bit. 
So I took the chance last sunday and went for a tiny shopping stroll on Kudamm. 
I haven´t been to H&M in a while and haven´t had time to take a sneak peek 
at the new launched beauty range yet. The cute little face masks attracted 
my attention as well as a navy blue peacoat of their trend collection. 
Followed by a short stop at H&M´s little sister Cos, where I couldn´t leave
 these perfect black Chealsea boots behind. I wore this combination 
almost every day ever since,  so the investments has been already worthwile.
Can´t wait to try the face masks!

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