Monday, 30 June 2014

What I would like wearing today: Wide leg pants

The perfect look for a Monday in the office.
Simple but super chic and with this effortless twist, I like so much.
Find more of these fantastic minimalistic looks on therow.com

Best of Truman Capote in Interview Germany

Bought the latest issue of German Interview magazine with the great supplement of a small collection
of Truman Capote´s short stories, he has wrote for the magazine some decades ago.
I´m not that kind of girl who reads a lot of books  - I´m more the kind of girl who begins to read a book
and never get it to end up the story. But these short stories really made to sink into
the words he wrote and the stories he tells with this great sarcastic humour.
More of these stories please!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Malgosia Bela for Vogue Netherlands July 2014

Talented photographer Annemarieke van Dimmler did it again and
produced this super beautiful photo series with topmodel Malgosia Bela.
Annemarieke knows how to set the focus on the best moments.
Love her way to capture pictures, with its really own atmosphere.A simple beach basic styling for warm summer days,
which I´m yearning for so much!
Not only great fashion pictures but also great pictures for themselves!

Photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen / Model Malgiosa Bela
for Vogue Netherlands July 2014

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sale Picks: Mytheresa, Net-a-porter, Cos

Everywhere you look you can see Sale written in big red letters.
It´s a pity because I´ve spend so much money for new interior stuff for our new apartment this month,
that means no money left for beautiful sale treasures for me. 
But just in case that money will fall from the sky I made a small selection from mytheresa.com,
net-a-porter.com and cosstores.com

From upper left corner to bottom right corner:
Striped sweater Cos / Sunnies Saint Laurent / White shirt Acne / Black Dress Cos / Bomber jacket Acne /
Silver ballerinas Stella McCartney / Silk shorts Stella McCartney / White jeans Acne / Striped belt Marni 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Happy Friday

How times flies! It´s Friday again and the weekend is just around the corner, happily!
I would love to do nothing more than laying in a mountain of silk pillows and relax.
What about you?

source: http://lacooletchic.tumblr.com/post/89247773812

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Acne Pre-Fall Arrivals

pictures via acnestudios.com

I never can decide whether I should be more excited about
 the beginning Sale everywhere or the arrivals of the new collections everywhere.
Than there is always the question, spend money for new pieces for the upcoming season or 
invest in cheaper summer pieces for next year. 
Is it only me who ask that itself or do you have the same problem?

Acne Studios just updated their online shop and voilà. a lot, and I really mean a lot, 
of beautiful new Pre-Fall pieces are available now. 
That´s absolutely my collection! Silk total looks in monochrome colour tones, cozy knits and wool textures.
I love Acne more than ever before but hate it at the same time because of the prices. 
That´s the advantage of spending money on Sale.

I think I must turn my back on this seasons sale and save money for next seasons collection. 
That´s my plan. We will see how it works!

Check all new arrivals via acnestudios.com

Monday, 16 June 2014

Chloé Resort 2015

pictures via style.com

Sometimes I wish I could wear head-to-toe Chloé looks all summer long. 
The french fashion label with its ease and liability to feminine cuts always preserves 
the balance between a sense for trends and timeless elegance with a joie de vivre attitude.
The half flower-printed and striped wrap dress would one of the pieces on the top of my list. 
Blue for summer time is always so fresh and a great alternative for all black looks. 
Asymmetric skirts are a remaining element of the upcoming seasons just like big belts and flowing materials.
Inspired by the aesthetics of the Villa Savoye in Poissy of Le Corbusier and the dynamic relationship between
 the actual living inside and outside of the house. 
The graphic exteriors with fluid shapes and sensual tactility captures 
Clare Waight Keller to this fantastic collection, which attract in me the warmest feelings.

All Looks via style.com

Thursday, 12 June 2014

New in: David Ehrenstråhle

When you´re moving into a new apartment you discover so much nice things,
which would fit perfectly into your new home.
Same thing happened as I discovered this poster map by David Ehrenstråhle.
A long time I was searching for a city map for our walls but never found the perfect balance between art and design.
I love the simplicity and the monochrome look.
I´ve got mine via myguideto.se.
It´s a limited edition and New York´s map is already sold out,
that´s why I went for London!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Summer Essentials

These are the only things you need for a relaxed day on the pool.
I regret a bit not buying these striped Acne shorts in Sale.
I love shorts in summertime even more than dresses and this one is so sailor´s like and perfect for the beach.
Just combined with a bikini top, sandals, sunnies and a cool straw hat, who protects you from the hot sun beams.
To complete the protection program I´ve chosen the sun line of Clarins.
The sun oil with 30 UVA/UVB protection supports the bronzing process and prevent a sunburn.
And after an extensive sunbath it needs nothing more that the After-Sun-Lotion and a cool drink.

Shorts Acne / Bikini top Zara / Sunglasses Mykita / Sun Oil and After Sun Lotion Clarins /
Sandals Isabel Marant / Straw Hat H&M / Beach towel H&M

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Marie Claire Australia June 2014

pictures from Marie Claire Australia June 2014

Really indigenous and simple - just nature, textiles and the model as a clean canvas.
What I like about the styling is the play with the length and even if the pieces are not that extravagant
but combined together a pretty picture.
This Editorial for marie Claire Australia is styled by Jana Pokorny and photographed by Nicole Bentley.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weekend Inspiration

picture via tumblr.com

I´m enjoying the hot temperatures at the countryside in my boyfriends family house.
Lucky me, there is nothing better to do than chilling in the pool, drinking cold lemonade and discovering
interesting things in the web. A great compensation to our current moving routine at home. 
I take some time here to collect inspirations for our apartment and making plans for next weeks builings.
First things already changed and slowly I begin to feel homelike.
One more free day left - there could nothing better than this!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Mirror Moods

pictures via bddw.com & hayshop.dk

I´m so sorry for this continuing calmness on the blog but our moving action needs some more time than I thought. 
Our internet is working now but it lacks still on some free time to sit down and writing articles for you. 
There are simply too much stuff to think about. 
I guess one week more and all things will going better. 

I was looking for a mirror for the bathroom and came across these pretty round mirrors hanging on a strap.
 It reminds on the bull eye´s of a ship and suits perfectly in a bathroom in my opinion.
I found three different models in three different price ranges:
BDDW 650 $ / Hay 215 € / Ikea 20 €

I went for the cheapest one from Ikea, of course, but looks similarly amazing!
Love these look for my bathroom.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Sasha Pivovarova by Daniel Jackson for Vogue UK, July 2014

pictures via feedmyego.net

Is it just Sasha Pivovarova or is this Editorial just amazing done?
I like everything; from the Model over the Styling up to the simple setting.
It´s just about the clothes and a beautiful model, which presenting them.
She is still one of my favs!

Next week I´ll be totally back but the weekend was really more than exhausting 
with moving and less of sleep and a chaotic apartment at the end. 
Have a nice week!