Friday, 6 June 2014

Mirror Moods

pictures via bddw.com & hayshop.dk

I´m so sorry for this continuing calmness on the blog but our moving action needs some more time than I thought. 
Our internet is working now but it lacks still on some free time to sit down and writing articles for you. 
There are simply too much stuff to think about. 
I guess one week more and all things will going better. 

I was looking for a mirror for the bathroom and came across these pretty round mirrors hanging on a strap.
 It reminds on the bull eye´s of a ship and suits perfectly in a bathroom in my opinion.
I found three different models in three different price ranges:
BDDW 650 $ / Hay 215 € / Ikea 20 €

I went for the cheapest one from Ikea, of course, but looks similarly amazing!
Love these look for my bathroom.

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