Thursday, 29 October 2015

New in

I´ve added some new make up stuff to my beauty bag lately as you can see. 
I really enjoyed using every single bit and that´s why I wanted to show you today what I´ve got. 
When you have to kill one hour waiting at the airport it´s not that surprising 
when you come up with at least one new beauty product from the duty free, right?
 I decided for my very first Chanel blush in the colour Malice, which is a really nice peachy coral, 
which goes with almost everything and makes really healthy looking cheeks.
 I´ve also picked up an Essie nail polish in a deep cherry red the other day and it´s exactly this colour 
I was looking for and I wore almost every day ever since. The other two bits are from &Other Stories. 
It´s always so tempting in there, with all the pretty packagings. 
That´s probably the reason I came up with a cherry tinted lip balm in this cute little tin and the copper stick, 
which might look a bit strange at the beginning but is a real bargain because you not only get
 an eye colour but also a blush and lip colour as well. Thus you can create a total make up look out of one product, 
what I think is a really great concept.
Go and check it out if you´re now interested in these things 
I love so much at the moment or tell me what are your favourite pieces at the moment!

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