Monday, 25 January 2016

Something different

picture via www.into-mind.com

It is something a little bit different to that, what I usually post on my site but 
I thought this might be quite interesting for some of you as well. 
The 30-day minimalism challenge was created by Anuschka, who runs a very inspiring blog 
called www.into-mind.com, where you can find loads of helpful articles about
 how to live a slower, simpler life with less stuff.
This challenge is just perfect to focus on the important things in life and slow down a little bit 
when everything seems to pass by too fast. I feel like I have to destress my life from social media and
 everything which can really drive me crazy sometimes, as I´m still at the beginning of my twenties and 
I want to appreciate every second of it now. Of course, you can´t do fun things every single day 24 hours 
but at least you have to try to make the best out of every minute you have. 
Sometimes I feel to be in a bit of a rush and I can´t enjoy all these great moments to the fullest. 
I really want to change this for 2016 and be more attentive and thankful for everything I have. 
This challenge could be a perfect start for this resolution. 
You can get more detailed instruction for everyday´s task by following
this link to Anuschka´s article. Aftercoping with this challenge this might be the next one?

PS: I set myself another smaller challenge to accomplish first. 
Today I´ve started my mission to make Pilates everyday (at least for 20 minutes) for one week. 
I used to love making Pilates during the summer but for some reason I stopped doing it and
 now it is really hard to come back into the flow, you know? 
I hope to become motivated again after this week, not only fitness-related.
 I hope I can do this but one week should be feasible, I think. 

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