Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cos Love: Folded Bags

I really need an advice of you guys.
I´ve thought about buying one of these bags for a long time. I love the simple Design and the clean cut,
the leather is so smooth and it´s fitting to almost everything. 
The only problem I have, is to decide whether I take the smaller one in light grey or the bigger one, which is just
available in black or green.
The main point, what let me think about it, is that the bigger one is on sale now, for 37€ and the smaller one
for the normal price from 79€.
It would make more sense to buy the bigger one for smaller money but the grey-coloured version is my favorite
and even if, they are akin to each other, the smaller one looks a little bit more elegant.
What would you recommend me? 
I can't hear myself think.
You can find both bags on cosstores.com


  1. How funny, I thought about buying the exact same bag a little while ago, but couldn't afford it at that time. I'd rather take the green one. It would be a shame to wear the white bag not so often, because it is too small. The bigger one is for both, day and nighttime.



  2. Exactly and therefore I bought the bigger version in black now. The leather is amazing soft and I really love the Design!