Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine´s day

I wish you all, whether you are in a fortunate relationship or not, a happy Valentine´s day!
Let you treat as you deserve it and celebrate this day, how you want to celebrate it.
My idea of a perfect Valentine´s day is to have a delicious breakfast with your Valentine,
ideally with a bouquet of my favorites flowers on the breakfast table,
than spend a calm day at work as it is Friday and you must work and
meet your better part back at home in the evening with your favorite take away dish and
watch one of the best soppy love film ´Breakfast at Tiffany´s´.
In most cases it won´t go like this but it doesn´t really matter, because you will have
the possibility to spend a perfect romantic evening also on every other day of the year. 
Enjoy it, anyway!

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