Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Home Inspiration: Hanging Plants

pictures via www.pinterest.com

I´m back on track! 
After a fantastic week of holiday the start into a new work week was even harder, you know? 
That is also the reason for the quietness on the blog but now I´m fully recovered and 
back with loads of inspirations to share. One of these inspirations are these hanging plant pots, 
which crossing my way almost every day either in form of Instagram pictures, 
nice furnished coffees or shops. I can´t get them out of my mind and I don´t want it to be honest. 
Instead I´m constantly looking for the perfect pot for my home and the assortment is huge.
I´ve gathered my favourite pots for you and try to figure out which I should go for 
or instead do it yourself with one of the numerous pinterest tutorials?

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