Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fashion Photography with another aesthetic 

Charlie Engman is the creator of this unconventional Fashion photographies.
The studied Japanologist from Chicago decided consciously in 2008 for the photography and took her inspiration from a break, origami and money. A weird combination but just as special as her pictures.
The expressive way to reveal imagery and the disconcerting style to set new aesthetic standards is her ability that makes her unmistakable. Urban Outfitters realize her talent and booked her for their new Lookbook.
I like the strange atmosphere her pictures transferring to the viewers. I hope to see more of her work!

source: http://www.kalinkakalinka.de/2013/06/17/trennung-origami-und-geld-beeinflussen-die-bilder-von-der-fotografin-charlie-engman/

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