Thursday, 27 June 2013

 Caps for Women
At the beginning I was really skeptical with Caps for women.
I always liked it when I saw some beautiful girls on the street, long hair and a cool cap on but
I never thought about wearing one. 
Then, I saw this burgundy fake-leather cap in the H&M Winter Sale and I couldn´t resist to buy them; never wore them, till now. And I must admit, I liked it. 
I tried also some floral versions during my small shopping trip on the weekend.
H&M has a really nice floral cap in their mens collection, not to find online till now but I collected some nice models from the best brands for you.
From the upper left-hand corner to the lower right-hand corner:

Asos Leather Cap
Surpreme floral Cap
American Apparel Leaf Cap
Huf red flower Cap
Skulls Flamingo Cap
Huf Caribbean Cap

A nice variation to the good old sunnies but just as useful and stylish to protect our eyes against the sun.

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