Tuesday, 11 March 2014

75 Parisiennes

pictures by Florian Wenningkamp

For me as an interior freak it was a happy day when I discovered this new book full of inspirations;
and when Paris is also involved in this project; it´s obvious: I must have it.
The picture book shows the interior of small and lovely apartments of 75 Parisian woman
captured by French photographer Baudouin
It is not easy to find an apartment in Paris, even less easy to find an affordable Parisian apartment.
 To use the limited space in such an one-room-apartment is a highly skill; 
the best ones have the pleasure to be part of this book.
And hence, my wanderlust is even more aroused by seeing this.

75 Parisiennes by Baudouin, Snoeck Publishers, October 2012, French, 37,95 Euro

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