Monday, 10 March 2014

Stan Smith Special Edition

pictures via andreapetrea.anywho.dk

Stan Smith´s are the fashion sneakers at the moment! Look at the biggest bloggers and
you will discover Stan Smith´s on their feet. I think, when every person waers the same shoe
it doesn´t need a long time until it palls.
That´s why I decided myself against these sneakers, till now!
Since I discovered this new version of Stan Smith´s I´m toying with the idea of buying them.
The woven string detail on the side is so cute but modest. It gives something special to the shoe without making to much.
I love sneakers and I love clean designs, I don´t like colourful sneakers but still searching something
more special as my usual ones in simple black, white and grey.
The edition was launched on saturday, so should I? 

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