Wednesday, 9 September 2015

What´s on my wall?

If you´re following for quite some time you may have noticed the
 transformation from a pale white wall to this. I guess this is not the final result yet. 
 As I always wanted a wall full of frames and different pieces
 of art I´ve steadily selected pictures I liked. As far as I had a first base to work with
I´ve started to arrange the pictures on the floor. That took about 2 days. 
To be really convinced of my constellation I´ve left this arrangement on my floor for 
2 more days and started only then adding the pictures on my wall.
 That sounds maybe a little bit excessive for some of you but I know myself and
 I get quickly bored of something. By having the chance to add a lot more pieces
 I´m confident that it´s different this time. Fingers crossed! 

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