Friday, 18 September 2015

What I would like wearing today

As I promised earlier this week the quietness on the blog has come to an end, finally.
 I´m really sorry for it but the past week was just crazy! To cut a long story short 
here I go with an obviously Autumn inspired look for grey and rainy days. 
The checked shirt and those Chelsea boots (both Cos, of course) are on the top of my wishlist at the moment. 
I can literally see myself wearing this exact outfit composed with pieces I already have in my wardrobe. 
Only a classic checked shirt and the perfect Chelsea boots are missing in my collection. 
Still a huge favourite of mine is the A.P.C. halfmoon bag because of its classic but unique design, 
which would last in my wardrobe for ages. Just a fun thing I´d like to try is the Byredo hair perfume in the scent Blanche. 
 I can really good imagine how practical it can be when you haven´t got enough time 
to take a shower in the morning but still want to leave the house like your hair was recently washed. 
For me a great alternative to conventional eau de perfumes as I spray them in my hair anyway. 
The combination reminds me a bit on taking a trip to a horse ranch for a relaxing ride through the woods, 
which I honestly would love to do again as I haven´t done this since I was a teenager. 
Of course I didn´t looked as cool as I´d do with this outfit but great memories though! 

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