Thursday, 7 April 2016

Trench Coat Weather

Originally created to protect us from rain, the trench coat has proven long time ago
 that it has become a real wardrobe staple for Spring time not only for practicle reasons 
but most of all as a fashion must have. 
Some people might be a different opinion. I guess, you either love trench coats or you hate them but
 I think most of you agree when I say, that a classic trench coat belongs in every wardrobe by the age of 25.

There are a couple of nice models available on the high street, if you want to find out first 
whether it fits in your wardrobe or not. But I have to say it is definitely worth investing in a luxury, 
high quality version of such a classic piece. You can find Burberry coats in every well sorted
 Second hand store for a fraction of the original price, which doesn´t make it impossible to own such a classic. 
However, my heart beats for one not so traditional model from Totême and a rather Burberry-like piece from Filippa K
Hard to make a decision as they are totally different in style but both absolutely beautiful. 
I need to figure out soon because the weather in Berlin is just perfect for a Trench at the moment!

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