Monday, 28 March 2016

Wishful Thinking

The past weekend finally felt like Spring here in Berlin. The sun treated us with its warmest sun beams and 
everything smelled fresh and spring-like. When it comes to me Spring could be all year round. 
The perfect weather to get out your sandals and wear them with a classic pair of blue jeans. 
There is a small selection of shoes I´d still like to add to my Spring/Summer shoe collection this year. 
For example a nice pair of leather slippers as well as a pair of mid heeled sandals. 
ATP Sandals seems to make my most secret shoe dreams come true by its modern minimalism. 
One pair of them might be my next big investment.
 I don´t know when my obsession has started but I can´t help myself when it comes to shoes. 
What kind of shoe is still missing in your Spring/Summer collection?

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