Monday, 8 February 2016

Jewellery Staples

My jewellery collection mainly consists of some really pretty but rather old school 
heirlooms from my mum and some quite lovely but cheap fashion jewellery pieces. 
That´s why I was on the hunt for a beautiful piece of jewellery timelessly but still unique to a reasonable price.
 I thought it would be much harder to find something, which corresponds with my expectations 
but I ended up quite fast with a nice little selection of my favourite pieces. 
I think, all of these are real staple pieces, some more than others but it always depends on your personal style. 
Those who dress quite simple and classic, can go for example for a more eye-catching piece and 
it will still go with a lot of your clothes and can become real staples in your collection.
 Everything of my selection would blend  perfectly in my wardrobe, which is something between
 timeless and modern with a classic touch. I know, the prices can be quite deterrent for something 
so tiny but it will last you for such a long time and even perhaps your children. 
And hey, Valentine´s Day is just around the corner. Maybe your boyfriend is still without a plan, 
then just send him over to my site. Otherwise I´m sure we don´t need anybody to buy ourselves a surprise. 
I already got myself one of these pieces as the beginning of my jewellery staple collection. Guess which one!

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