Friday, 5 February 2016

The Little Something

A short while ago I came across these lovely brooches of the french accessory brand Macon&Lesquoy. 
I know, brooches are actually not that kind of accessory you might be looking for but as you can see, 
these ones are just beautiful and anything but old school. 
Moreover, they are hand embroidered and absolutely pretty in every detail. 
You can choose of a variety of different motifs, some more classic ones but also some funny ones.
 For me it is absolutely impossible to choose only one favourite but in the end
 I went for a more classic palm tree leaf, which I stick to my simple stripy shirt to make it a little bit more special. 
The cloud and the croissant are my other two favourites and would be my next choice. 
The prices are more than affordable for a hand embroidered piece which looks so lovely and is so versatile. 
Definitely a great discovery! You can order online on www.maconetlesquoy.com or 
Berlin based people can find a good selection at Hallesches Haus.

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