Friday, 4 December 2015

Gift Guide

The countdown has started. Everyone, including me, is excited for Christmas, I guess. 
Aren´t you? 
I know how hard it can be to keep a clear head during this crazy time of year and 
I hope to give you one or another idea for your loved ones, if you haven´t got any yet. 
I don´t know if it´s just me but I think, it´s always easier to get a lovely present 
for a female person whether it is your mum, sister, friend or grandmother. 
But it is also important to keep track of all these tempting pieces and focus on the person 
you want to give this present. Buying something just to have something to give away is never a good solution. 
When you know this person really enjoys beauty, buy something beauty related. 
When you know this person doesn´t like any girly stuff maybe get something technique related like a phone charger. 
Some people really enjoy organising things, then a pretty hanger set might be the right present.
It is all up to the personality of your presentee! It´s still enough time to sit down for a while and 
give thought to everyone you want to give a present. Maybe, my collage gives you one or another inspiration.
 I would love to hear your ideas as well!

PS: Next week is also a Gift Guide for boys coming up.

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