Thursday, 3 December 2015

Getting Festive

pictures via www.pinterest.com

How does your home look during Christmas time? 
Are you this kind of person whose apartement looks festive from top to bottom
 or do you work with festive accents like I do? I got myself some inspirations from printerest and
 now I feel really good prepared to start my decoration session this weekend. 
Obviously, you can see that I prefere minimalistic bits and bobs and combine them 
with natural materials to create a christmassy atmosphere at home. 
For those who haven´t got place for a proper Christmas tree I really like the alternative 
to put evegreens in shape of a tree on your wall and decorate it with pretty baubles.
 Branches are my favourite thing to decorate anyway and so easy to get! 
Do you have any nice ideas for this year Christmas decorations? More inspirations really welcome!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Do you know the DIY christmas tree by Lys Vintage? I love the colour of it.

    Ragni x