Thursday, 5 December 2013

Interior: Christmas Decoration

all pictures taken by me

It´s all about Christmas on my blog at the moment.
I wanted to give you also an insight how my apartment is decorated in this joyful season.
How I would describe my style?
I pay attention to keep the decoration quite simple but the things I buy
should always have a lovely touch to get the Christmas spirit into my home.
This year it´s the first time I´ve bought amaryllis and I simply love them.
It´s so fun to observe them while opening their blossoms. You´re waiting and waiting and 
finally they unfold their unbelievable beautifulness.
Red details are my main design medium for Christmas, so easy but effective.
The small Dala-horse I´ve brought during my last stay in Stockholm, the bigger one is a chocolate horse 
from Ikea but similarly charming.
 Baking cookies is one of my favorite traditions of Christmas, your apartment smells simply fabulous.
The roly-poly doll might seem a little bit kitschy for some of you but brings a touch of retro-style inside.
At last fir branches are the easiest and cheapest way to decorate your home,
whether pasted on a door or hanging over your bed. 
So, maybe I could give you some inspiration for your home if you didn´t started decorating yet.

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