Monday, 8 July 2013

Shopping in Copenhagen

You know, during Berlin was crowded last week of fashion people, my boyfriend and I took some time-out and spend our
time on the seaside and in lovely Copenhagen.
Beside discovering the city with all it´s amazing Designs and architecture, which coming soon in another post,
it´s naturally that I must spend some time shopping in the popular Strøget
and the varied side roads with it´s really adorable small shops.
Right at the first day, we had the luck to explore a nice flea market at Rådhuspladsen, where I found a beautiful
striped mouth-blown vase.
The two small leather bags, I´ve bought in a Vintage shop called Prag, for quiet small money and I´m so happy with them.
The smaller purse is really useful if you just want to take some money and your telephone with you and
the bigger belt bag is ´the´ item, all the pretty Copenhagen girls are wearing at the moment and
there is much space to put all necessary things inside, which you´ll need during the day. 
But the absolute treasures of this vacation remaining still my three Acne findings,
which I´ve discovered also at the beginning of the week. As I admire the Acne Collections for such a long time and
I was never able to afford one of the amazing pieces, this time was a truly happy, you can´t imagine to buy my first items,
even if in the sale but I´m so proud of them now. 
The silky green pants and the baby blue shorts gonna be my everlasting companion during the summer but also
the nude sandals, with this lovely detail at the ankle.
This great pair of sandals I´ve found in the Acne Archive in Elmegade, where you can buy past Collections,
never published Designs and samples from the Runways. That´s a real insider tip when you´ll plan to visit Copenhagen,
because all the stuff is reduced up to 70 percent of the originally price and the staff is really helpful and friendly.
That should not be missing during a Copenhagen trip is to buy one of the amazing designs for your place at home
just from Hay or Normann Copenhagen. The two bowls I´ve chosen are from Normann Copenhagen, so clean and
lightweight, that I coulnd´t resist and took them in a light gray.
Last but not least, I´ve took the latest issue of Cover Magazine on the return journey and even if,
I cannot understand so much I know how fabulous this magazine is.
Great editorials, nice shopping tips and a cool photo series with danish model Chloe Nørgaard.
I couldn´t be happier with this trip and I know I´ll coming back to this lovely city, the people are so relaxed and
well-dressed and the minimalistic designs are totally mine.
I´ll share some personal vacation photographies with you soon after the whole MBFW marathon,
there are still some really talented Designer missing in my summery and they deserve the attention!

Which of my Shopping items are your favorite, I´m curios!

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