Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Cover Magazine Love: Issue 7/13

Beautiful and exceptional danish model Chloe Norgaard on the Cover and in their editorial inside.
All white, the trend for 2013 and the Looks in Cover Mag are totally my taste. Great Styling with the danish casualness
and the perfect accessories around.
Interview with pretty Blogger and Model Christel Winther. Surprisingly to discover her in a magazine,
because I follow her Blog on anywho.dk and I enjoyed to see her nice closet a little bit closer.
Yoko Ono, what´s a stunning shot of her!
Editorial with Chloe, such a open minded and sympathetic person.
She is simply beautiful and a really cool guy.
At the end I liked to take a look in the vacation houses of different danish couples, the Danes are known
for their good taste for interior design and that´s proved.
Absolutely convinced, even if I understood nothing and that means something!
Lucky me, when somethings going wrong than all together. 
Since yesterday noon our internet connection fall down, that´s why I have to improvise and went to a café around the corner to work there.
Not the worst case of all, sitting in the sun and drinking a cold coffee in the sun while I waiting for a working connection.
Before I end up with the MBFW Review with the auspicious Collection of Perret Schaad for SS14 I wanted to give you
a glance in the latest issue of amazing danish Cover Magazine.
It was one souvenir I brought back from my Copenhagen trip, even if I don´t understand any article it´s a pleasure
just to flip through this magazine and discover the well-done pictures and shopping tips.
You can feel the style conspicuous taste the magazine transmit to the readers or even the viewers.
It´s really worth to take an issue with you, when you visit Denmark next time.
Above a short overview of my favorite articles with a small explanation but I guess, the pictures speaking for themselves;
the imperturbable stylistic assurance of the Danes is obvious for everyone.
Visit cover.dk to explore their web blog, which isn´t  in no way inferior to the printed version.

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