Friday, 3 July 2015

Ikea Sinnerlig Collection

pictures via www.ikea.com

There is finally a good reason for a casual trip to Ikea from the beginning of August - 
in fact the launch of its two new collections SINNERLIG and SKOGSTA.
Even I don´t need anything for my apartment I definitely need 
at least a short glance of  SINNERLIG collection, which was created in collaboration 
with Ilse Crawford with the focus on modest, linear designs made from natural materials 
such as cork, bamboo and cotton to create a zen feel moment for your home.
There are small kitchen, table or decoration items available as well as pieces of furniture. 
I cast a covetous eye on the cachepots and this stunning daybed, 
which is unfortunately absolutely unessectial at the moment. 
But there is nothing to say about a short visit to get an overview and a delicious hot dog!

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