Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Sale picks II

Did you already make a find in this oversupply of reduced pieces?
It´s hard to make a decision in general and even harder when the shops tempting
with further reductions and further items every day.
I know myself good enough to know that I need a bit of structure during these days.

My 3 steps for the perfect sale find:
First, I´m thinking about what is actually missing in my wardrobe and make a list, 
than I set myself a financial border and not until then I´m starting watching out.

It´s a good possibility not getting lost into this whole sale madness.
I think that is useful as well for people, who are lucky to have the means to buy
whatever they want to avoid an overfilled wardrobe.

I´ve made a last selection of nice pieces of clothing and some beauty stuff as well. 
Watch out, if you are beauty affine like me, some beauty shops also offering a small sale section.

Here we go:

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