Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas feeling

pictures taken by myself

A little sneak peak into my apartment, how it looks like now in Christmas season.
Here and there some small christmassy decorations and fir branches or other branches in almost every room.
Really puristic with a traditional touch. I like decorations with an ancient, sometimes cheesy look.
The Advent calender is do-it-yourself with only a few things (via www.modulor.de)
and little effort and looks fantastic. I´ve also tried to
make a Advent wreath but somehow my plan failed as I didn´t know
how to fix the candles on my quite slim wreath. 
That´s why I decided to hang the wreath on the ceiling and light just a single candle.
That´s how it looks like at the moment and it feels really cozy in my mind.
As you can see I like it simple. What do you prefer for your home?

PS: If you´d like to know where I got special things from, feel free to contact me!

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