Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide: For your Mother

You´ve already done all your Christmas shopping? Only 20 days left!!
I belong to these persons, who made all their procurements as early as possible.
You might think I´m crazy but I like it when I don´t need to run through the shops
with all the other last minute shoppers.
I´m this kind of person, who think about their presents carefully.
To buy just something senseless isn´t my intention, always must have a deeper meaning.
I selected some nice stuff, which would suit well to my mother and maybe also to yours?

1 Wooden ceramic cups here 2 Aesop hand soap here 3 Aesop face cleanser here
4 Brushed metal rings here 5 Merci agenda for 2014 here 6 Green leather pouch here
7 Leather gloves here 8 Chinese Welcome Soap here 9 Iittala Vitrini Box here 10 Box of matches here

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