Monday, 28 October 2013

Exhibition: SIEBEN

Elena Capra www.elenacapra.com
libro di famiglia
Lea Fabrikant www.leafabrikant.com
Katharina Poblotzki www.katharinapoblotzki.com
I Can See You When My Eyes Are Closed
Benny Golm www.bennygolm.com
Fungus amator.

You might know, that I´m really crazy about good photographies. 
Well, that´s quite useful when you study photography.
Usually, I´m concentrating on fashion editorials and campaigns but there is also
my passion to the other side of the photography.
That´s why, I thought to start a new section, where I´ll present you some young
talented photography talents like these ones today.
The graduates of the Ostkreuzschule Berlin presenting their final works
in the exhibition SIEBEN from the 26.10. to the- 08.11.2013 in Uferhallen, 13357 Berlin.
I´ve chosen my favorite pictures above but check out
also the other artist on the website www.sieben-ausstellung.de.

I like their really simple visual language and the brightness in the pictures.
On the website you can also find the explanation of their art work.

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