Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day Crush: Tartan Bag

Should I or not?
Célines Tartan print is present everywhere, on sweater, slip ons, jackets and much more
and probably it´s so easy to get a cheaper look-a-like in the same print in exactly the same colour shades - The Tartan plastic shopping bags.
Used in this Editorial photographed by Hordur Ingason for Costume Magazine.

I know, it´s not really fashionable buying a 2€ plastic bag from the shop around the corner;
but when Pheobe Philo and Stella McCartney even let inspire by this simple bags
than it´s no shame to buy one of these inspirational source. 
Would you mind?
I´m still uncertain concerning this ethical decision.

Photography  Hordur Ingason  / Styling Thora Valdimarsdottir / Hair and Make-up Marie Thomsen / Model Lin Rosenbeck

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