Sunday, 17 March 2013

Weimaraner posing in Acne Spring/Summer Collection 2013.
Reprehensible or Fashionable?
As I first saw the pictures of the campaign on the Acne Website I wasn´t really delighted what I´ve discovered.
At the beginning I felt really weird watching at these photographies. 
Honestly, I prefer seeing Fashion campaigns on humans not on animals and I also think that it´s not necessary presenting the Collection in this way but everyone it´s own opinion.
After get used to this scene and watching the making of, where you can see that it was a agreeable atmosphere for the dogs - I like the idea of Acne presenting the Collection on this beautiful dogs, who are looking so majestically professional like real models in the camera. 
The photographer, who is known taking pictures of his own dogs, is aware how to handle the dogs with respect to create this really well - done photographies of the dogs.
It´s a little bit weird, how humanized the dogs looking in some poses but Acne definitely aroused publics attention on the new collection.
All pictures of the series you can find here

source: http://www.liligabbiano.com/?tag=william-wegman

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