Sunday, 17 March 2013

On my &Other Stories Wishlist

Leather double bag 195€ - You can wear it as a normal shoulder bag but also as a backpack. Nice idea and made from supple black leather
Asymmetric silk dress 75€ - Definitely, one style of dress, which lacks in my closet and silk is one of my favorite matters.
Draped shorts 45€ - Even if, I just bought a white skirt, this mini exemplar should be in my closet. Simple and good to combine.
Abigail Lorick Dress 175€ - Actually, I would say a whole dress made from leather is too much but this dress looks so amazing with the cut-outs on the front site and the slightly longer silk back.
Leather Sandals 75€ - What I definitely like is the nude-tone and the simple design, which is special at the same time.
Leather Pumps 125€ - The same with these pretty shoes - simple but particular. Actually, I´m not a fan of pumps or High-Heels apart from parties but I could imagine wearing these pumps also during the days. They look so comfortable.

I know, it´s a shame. I´ve chosen too much pretty things for my budget but some of these treasures going to end up in my shopping bag.

source: http://www.stories.com/

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