Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas tree

We are going to pick up our Christmas tree this weekend and I can´t wait. 
Picking up the Christmas tree is the final step of getting festive at home and decorating it is so much fun. 
I really enjoy this annual tradition more and more since I live in my own apartment and 
decide for myself how everything should look like. 
My tree might be crooked, spare and not perfect at all but that doesn´t matter in my household. 
I love trees with character and some weak spots as well. Becuase it´s not about perfection at all
 at Christmas time it´s only about having a cozy and relaxed time. Don´t stress yourself!
 It´s easy to say, I know, but perfection is lifeless when you can´t enjoy it.
Having a tree stored in a big old wine bottle looks even more fantastic than a perfect shaped tree, I think.
Enjoy this lovely time to the fullest!

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