Thursday, 11 June 2015

Interior Crush

pictures via pinterest.com and hm.com

I know, Beni Ourian is a household name for most of you. 
But the fact of the matter is that, when I´m hooked on something
 I need to share it with somebody immediately. And maybe, there are still people out there 
who don´t know these amazingly pretty carpets yet and discover them for the first time here on my blog. 

The characteristical thing about these Moroccon beauties is  the natural hand-woven 
wool with its typical diamond-pattern, which can come in different versions -
only one thing it needs to be and that is fluffy! 
Of course, these quality comes at a price but H&M offers a quite good lookalike (right model) at the moment, 
which is unfortunately not that fluffy but comes with this characteristical diamond-pattern, which I´m currently really obsessed with.
Who would not like having such a beauty in its living room?

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