Thursday, 12 March 2015

New in: White Blouse & Sunnies

I´ve added a few little nice pieces to my wardrobe lately. 
As you can see, a crisp white blouse with a casual fit and quiet little stripes and 
another pair of Ace & Tate sunglasses are to of them. 
Admittedly they have a similiar shape like that ones I own already but because I like them so much, 
I thought another colour would be a great idea. I love them already in the same way like my black ones. 
The blouse is one hundred percent me and it is already the second white blouse, 
which I´ve bought within the last month because white blouses are all time essentials and 
belong to every wardrobe. I expecially like the simple collar and the light weight fabric. 
Both together a perfect match and already now favourites.

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